Would you like to fly in a transparent plane?

Would you like to fly in a transparent plane?

Planes of the future will have OLED screens instead of windows

There may be no such thing as “window-side” seats on passenger planes of the future. British company CPI plans to remove all cabin windows and thin the walls. These windows will be replaced by OLED screens that will cover all the interior walls of the aircraft and show the sky around them.

Interestingly, CPI does not sell OLED displays. Its goal is to increase fuel efficiency. The lighter the plane, the less fuel it consumes, resulting in fewer emissions. The firm says:

“Each 1% reduction in aircraft weight means 0.75% fuel savings. If the plane is lighter, it consumes less fuel. Less fuel consumption means less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and lowers operating costs. Everyone gains.”

Using an OLED screen instead of a window means passengers can see a much wider part of the sky. OLED displays are thin, light and flexible. The screens, which are laid in panels on the cabin walls and ceiling, can display the image taken by the wide-angle panoramic cameras outside the aircraft in 150 dpi resolution. CPI predicts that the technology to manufacture large OLED panels will be ready within the next 5 years. Windowless planes specially made for this job will be released later.

Source: popsci.com.tr

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