Woman in God’s Eyes

Woman in God’s Eyes

Dear visitor, in this article, we will examine the subject of “Women in God’s Eyes” from a Christian perspective. Our primary source is the Bible, the word of God.

Woman in God’s Eyes
It’s always hard for me to read third page news. Because they are the news of the cruelty done by man to man. Accidents, violence, injuries, extortions, thefts, murders and death… Third page news is proof that there are many evils in the world that you can think of or even cannot imagine. 

You can understand the torture of women from these third page news. A woman whom her husband poured hot water on and burned because she did not give birth to a son, a woman who was stoned to death another day just because they doubted her chastity, and hundreds of women who were beaten… Women who were subjected to violence for many reasons… Only a small reason is enough for them to be beaten. Because the man has authority over her; men both beat and love!

There are women’s rights, but why don’t these women have rights?
In fact, this fact is not only the violence of men against women. It is an indication of the sinful side among people, which is inclined to oppress the weak by the strong. Big brother oppresses younger brother, parents oppress their children, boss oppresses worker, man oppresses woman.

If the woman were stronger than the man (both financially and physically), I’m sure women could beat or oppress men too. We can even see examples of this, albeit rarely.

It’s not just a matter of being a man or a woman, this is; It’s a human problem. So is there a solution to this problem? Have the measures taken so far brought an end to all these oppressions or inequalities? No. So who will defend the rights of the oppressed, who will show compassion by understanding us; Will it change the mind of our spouse, father, brother or boss? Is it going like this?

When we look at societies, we see that the source of abuse, especially against women, is “religion”. Not only in divine religions, but also in polytheistic religions, women have been abused and used for wrong purposes.

“A woman cannot do this, walk like this, wear this, cannot wear this…” What is the purpose of all these rules or are these rules only for women?

Unfortunately, the strong side did not miss the opportunity to use the strict order of beliefs as a tool to crush the weak side.

But does God really want it that way? Is it a world where the strong oppress the weak and despise the weak God desires? As a woman, you might even end up thinking: Does God think about me? Does it value me? Does a woman have any value in the eyes of God?

It is wrong to judge God by what people do. Man’s sin cannot conceal God’s goodness and holiness. God loves us. Even though people abuse His words at all times, He still loves us very much.

Unfortunately, people love to use the power they have for their own benefit. For this reason, they either turn their beliefs into customs and traditions and use them as a tool of oppression or physically abuse people. For example, black-skinned people are taught by people whose course is white; Claiming to be a God-given right, they were used as slaves for hundreds of years. Or men who belong to another pagan belief did not hesitate to use women as prostitutes in temples. You can come across such things in the pages of history in every period.

We talked briefly about God’s love for us above. Talking about love can be painful for a person who is in pain, who has been wronged. Because the more people suffer, the more they doubt the existence of God or become more attached to Him.

I want to look at what is said about us women in the Bible, which is God’s Word for us and the only source for truly knowing God. Let’s start with the Torah and Psalms, which we call the Old Testament. Next, we’ll look at the Bible, the words of Jesus Christ, and what the Bible says about women.

Woman Created in God’s Image
“God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, in our likeness. God created man in his own image. Thus, man was created in the image of God. He created humans male and female.” (Genesis 1:26-27)

As the verses show, God created humans in his own image. What does it mean to be “created in the image of God”? To be created in God’s image means to be in God’s own image.

There is a piece of God in us. While man was created, first man and then woman were created. But both were created in the likeness of God. In other words, there is an equality that men and women have due to the fact that they are both created in the likeness of God. That is why we are all precious in God’s eyes.

We read about the details of man’s creation in later verses.
“The Lord God created Adam from dust and breathed life into his nostrils. Thus, Adam became a living being. Then she said, “It’s not good for Adam to be alone.” He said, ‘I will create a helper suitable for him’ (I will explain the word helper later).” “The Lord God gave Adam a deep sleep. While Adam was sleeping, the Lord God took one of his ribs and replaced it with flesh. He created a woman from the rib that he had taken from Adam and brought her to Adam. Adam said, ‘This is the bone taken from my bones, the flesh taken from my flesh’. She will be called ‘Woman’, for she was taken from man. Therefore, the man will leave his mother and father and become attached to his wife. The two of them will become one body.” (Genesis 2:18, 21-24)

Some people ignore these verses, unable to accept the idea of ​​creating a human being from a rib. If God created the world out of nothing, it should not be difficult for him to create a woman from a rib.

God created woman from a part of man. Of course, in God’s eyes man is not two people. They are two parts of a whole. Man is not just a man or a woman. Man is equal, man and woman. God always desires the perfect equality between men and women, which he created in the beginning.

“For as woman was created from man, so man is born from woman.” (Bible 1 Corinthians 11:12)

I want to talk about the word “helper” mentioned above. Because in this way, we will be able to understand a little better the true purpose of the woman’s creation in God. The word “helper” is “ezer” in Hebrew, the language in which the Bible was written. In this verse, the expression “I will create a helper” means that God will “create an crusher.” If we look at other uses of the word “Ezer” in the Bible, we can understand exactly what God meant.

“My Father’s God helped me…”
Exodus 18:4

“Let him send help from the holy place”
Psalms 20:2

Our hope is in the Lord,
Our helper is our shield.
Psalm 33:20

“I lift my eyes to the mountains
Where will help come from?”
Psalm 121:1

It is possible to multiply these examples. (You can find a list of places where the word “ezer” is used at the end of the booklet.)

Notice that the word “crushing” is always used as an expression for God’s help. When God created the woman, the word “helper” meant that she would be a helper who gives strength to the man, supports him in all matters and helps him in difficult times. He wanted the woman to help the man in the same way that he helped the people he created. He created a helper for man; not a slave.

Here, the responsibility of women is also great. Because women are tasked with supporting men with respect and love. This is the plan of perfect creation for man and woman.

A woman is precious in the eyes of God. For he created him in his own likeness, like a man. It was God who gave him his soul and soul. The value of woman comes from the value of her creator. Unfortunately, today’s world is far from this value.

So what happened to such a beautiful creation that it was so corrupted? In the midst of today’s corrupt world, the above sounds like a fantasy world.

The Bible explains the corruption in one word, “sin.” You’ve probably heard one way or another of the story of Adam and Eve’s temptation. You can read the details of the truth of this event in the Bible chapter on Genesis.

Because of sin, which is the only reason why that perfect creation does not continue today, the strong side began to oppress the weak. God’s plan, that is, the harmony between man and woman, began to disappear just as other existing things disappeared. Today, we see the results of that destruction. worthlessness, disrespect and intolerance; All of this has also affected male and female relationships.

Continuing to move forward from the Torah, the Old Testament chapter of the Bible, we read that God laid down many rules for restoring woman’s lost dignity. The Bible clearly explains how Jesus Christ valued women.

“Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Early the next morning he returned to the temple again. All the people came to him. So he sat down and started teaching them. The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery. Putting the woman in the middle, they said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was just caught committing adultery.” “Moses ordered us to stone such women in the Law, what do you say?” They were saying this to test Jesus. They were looking for a reason to blame Him. Jesus was writing on the ground with his bent finger. When they constantly asked the same question, he straightened himself and said, ‘Whoever among you is without sin, let him cast the first stone.’

Then he bent down again and began to write on the ground. When they heard this, they went out one by one, especially the elderly, and left Jesus alone. The woman stood in the middle. Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Where are they, the woman? Didn’t anyone judge you?’ he asked. “None, sir,” the woman said. Jesus said, “Neither do I judge you.” ‘Go and sin no more.’” (John 8:1-11)

This is one of the best-known passages of the Bible. “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.” The word is famous. But deeper into this event lie great truths.

Why did they want to test Jesus Christ? Because Jesus Christ was explaining what the Law had said to people from a different perspective. So they wanted to see what he would do by coming before him with the most serious and death penalty crime according to the Law. Adultery is a very ugly thing in God’s eyes. Because in this way, the body and soul created by God are polluted. Adultery is also a great crime against the institution of marriage, which is highly respected by God. The woman mentioned in the verse was a woman who committed this sin many times. He was selling his body for money. Presumably, those people had the opportunity to catch the adulterous woman many times. However, they wanted to use this opportunity at that moment.

Was the Pharisee, the Pharisee, telling the whole truth about this when he said, “According to the law, this woman must be stoned”?

Let’s take a look at this verse from the Holy Law:

“If anyone commits adultery with someone else’s wife, that is, with his neighbor’s wife, both he and the woman he has committed adultery will be killed.” (Leviticus 20:10)

“If a man is caught sleeping with someone else’s wife, both the man and the woman who slept with the woman will be killed.” (Deuteronomy 22:22)

The verses mentioned by the Pharisee are above. As you can see, the Religious Scholar was really telling the truth. The woman was going to be killed, but something was missing. Because the man had to be killed too. So where was the man in this case? As in all things, man, using his authority on the side of the powerful, had exposed a woman who had no support and had saved his fellow man.

But Jesus Christ knew this to be so, and revealed the truth to them in his merciful way. In a male-dominated society where even virtuous and chaste women were despised, Jesus Christ was restoring such a sinful woman’s respect. He called out to the men, “Let the one without sin cast the first stone.” Everyone was left alone with their own conscience and eventually they dispersed. The woman was standing before Jesus Christ. At that moment, Jesus Christ enacted the law of love and mercy, “Neither do I judge you.”

This event clearly shows the view of Jesus Christ towards women. Women have been among the followers of Jesus Christ since the beginning of the Bible.

A woman is precious in the eyes of God. Authority is a great responsibility for the holder. For a woman who knows her worth in God’s eyes, her perspective on life is different. Because now he knows that there is someone who loves him and values ​​him.

In the Bible, God’s value to women in this new order is summarized.

“Now there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, male nor female. You are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

The problem is not only that women receive the value they deserve by men or society. Even if no one cares about us, someone cares and loves us very much. This person is God. God Himself loves and values ​​us. While there are many people around us who are prone to abuse of power, there is a very great person lovingly using the power he has for us. That is why we must be aware of this value and appreciate Him.

When we put our faith in Him, we will one day receive the love we long for and the respect we deserve in God’s Kingdom. Anyone who believes in Him and loves Him will receive more than they deserve when that day comes.

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