Why does hair turn white?

The basic color of the hair, which we think has turned white, is actually white. The name of the pigment that gives the hair its natural color is melanin. The formation of this pigment begins before birth.

As the age progresses, the production of melanin in the body decreases. As the melanin capacity decreases, this causes graying in the hair.

Brown, red and black hair are very rich in melanin. Gray hair has very little melanin and white hair does not have it.

The color of the hair depends on the type of hair, the amount and the distribution of the melanin pigment.

There are some factors that affect the pigment structure of the hair, causing it to be dark and light.

If we list them; Genetic disorders, hormone production triggered by conditions such as chronic stress, imbalances in melanin production, exposure to chemical substances and climatic conditions may cause.

Causes of graying hair


If your parents or grandparents in the upper generations have experienced graying of hair at an early age, you may be affected by this condition and your hair may turn gray at an early age.

How to prevent hair graying

Why does hair turn white? Another reason for the problem is stress. Stress causes many problems both inside and outside the body. An extremely stressful life increases the production of neurotransmitters in our body and causes DNA damage.

Emotional reasons

The bad things we experience are reflected in our body as depression, sadness and grief. Emotional problems we experience can cause our hair to turn white.


Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition affects all functions in our body negatively and this is reflected in our hair.
It causes an immune system disorder called pernicious anemia, and this can cause hair graying in children, adolescents, and people in their 20s.


Gray and white areas in the hair are called poliosis in medicine. This is a congenital condition that may occur later. Some health problems destroy the melanin cells in the hair and cause our hair to turn white. There are health problems in the hair associated with poliosis. These are;
Vitiligo, ringworm, Pielbaldism, Tuber sclerosis Vogt Koyanagi Harada, Waardenburg syndrome, Alezandrini syndrome.

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