Why does a girl fall in love with her father?

Why does a girl fall in love with her father?

There is no one who does not know that girls are fond of their father. Psychologist Reyhan Algül explains the positive and negative effects of the father-daughter relationship, which lasts a lifetime and greatly affects the lives of girls, and offers important information.

“The father-daughter relationship, which is one of the least emphasized relationships, is actually a very important issue. Even in fairy tales, mother-daughter or step-mother-daughter relationships are problematic, while girls’ relationships with their fathers are more naive. The relationship that the girl establishes with her father is a relationship full of expectation, disappointment, admiration, rejection and love, and this relationship also determines the girl’s choices and outlook on life.

A girl’s relationship and interaction with her father will also determine the relationship she will establish with her husband, boss, friends and co-workers in the future. The girl learns the male sex and the world of men with her father. Thanks to his father, he reaches the knowledge of generalizations he will make about men in the future.

When girls are only six months old, they react differently to their father’s voice and touch than their mother’s. In other words, the rate of perceiving and distinguishing the father is high. The father, like the mother, plays a role in the child’s psychosocial, psychosexual and mental development. According to the psychosexual theory, girls want to be close to their fathers around the age of 3-4. They think that the person who prevents this is the mother, and they are jealous of the mother, and then they get through this process by identifying with the mother. What is healthy is that this process ends in this way.


How Do Father’s Attitudes Affect the Child?

Fathers are stronger and wiser in the eyes of their daughters. Therefore, they arouse more respect. If the father is strict, domineering and fearful; The girl will be shy and shy. Instead of expressing himself, he will prefer to be introverted.

If the father is constantly in a critical attitude and does not give his child the chance to make mistakes, he is harming his child. A child who is not allowed to make mistakes will have a lifelong difficulty in finding his own truth.

Restrictive fathers also restrict their child’s intellectual development. According to research, there is an increasing relationship between high intelligence and father’s attention. It is a problem if the father is too soft as well as if he is strict. Because girls especially need boundaries.

Fathers are their daughters first love. The girls idealize him as they meet the father when they first open their eyes. The extent of this idealization will also affect the girl’s search for love in her later relationships. A girl whose father is too idealistic will never find someone like her. It is known that girls generally choose men who look like their fathers as wives. In addition, girls who do not receive enough attention and love from their fathers prefer older or more mature men in their relationships. This is how they seek the care and compassion they could not find from their fathers. This sometimes leads to wrong and painful choices.

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