Why do people jump when they are happy?

Why do people jump when they are happy?

Are those who can’t help but jump when they are happy, so to speak “fly into the air”? 🤸🏻

There is a scientific basis for jumping when we are happy, let’s explain: 📌 Communication hormones that spread joy, anger, sadness and excitement throughout your body are called neuropeptides. Neuropeptides; They cause us to react instantaneously by triggering us in the face of events. Although the content and experience of events may differ from person to person, we show jumping or some other similar response as a common response. 🎶 In addition, music enables the happiness hormones we secrete to turn into a jumping reaction. This is why thousands of people jump together in concert venues or the high rhythm music played in nightclubs takes us under control.

Raise your frequency by jumping
Energy Medicine Specialist Emine Baran warns that human body frequency is the trigger for changes in the world and that the consciousness of fear can lead the entire universe to disasters. “We have to be careful what we think. We shape the world.” Emphasizing the importance of being in tune with the frequency of the world, Baran draws attention to the importance of some exercises that we can do during the day for this alignment. Hugging a tree or even jumping. Did you know that you can increase your body frequency with simple methods?


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