Why Can’t Perfectionists Lose Weight?

Why Can’t Perfectionists Lose Weight?

Are you a perfectionist?

If so, please read this article carefully. Because perfectionism can be one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss.

I will tell you how to manage the situation. But first, let’s take a closer look at that fancy, troublesome adjective called perfectionism.

– overly meticulous person

– A person who aims to reach moral maturity

– Someone who strives too hard to be perfect

The definitions are correct, but I think you may have noticed that there is no active action except the first definition 🙂

Here is the key. Aiming, making an effort, trying to do, etc. All these definitions describe situations that occur mostly in the mind, but have difficulties in taking action.

Here is the key. Aiming, making an effort, trying to do, etc. All these definitions describe situations that occur mostly in the mind, but have difficulties in taking action.

If you are a perfectionist, look at yourself; if someone you know is a perfectionist, look at that person. They have a plan, thoughts, preparations, waiting for the right time, rather than action, about what they will do.

Whatever his job is; (I’m talking about tasks and goals that take time to complete) before starting the job, he thinks for a long time to make it perfect, turns it over in his head, and finally waits for the right time. Result: No results usually 🙂

I’m sure it will sound familiar.” Let things lighten up a bit, I’ll lose those weights”, “The kids get a little older, I’ll be enrolled in the gym”, “If I have a little more money, I will be enrolled in that camp”. Things don’t get lighter, even though the children grow up, their responsibilities don’t change much, that expected surplus money never comes into existence.

For the perfectionist, who expects everything to be perfect as months and years pass, reaching the goal he desires gets further and further away. Excuses change shape, seem intentional with pretend activities, but cannot lose weight. Or a tight decision that he made quickly! He regains the weight he lost after diets at the same rate.

I’ve been writing for over 10 years, you can’t lose weight permanently just by willpower!

10 yılı aşkın süredir yazıyorum, sadece irade gücü ile kalıcı kilo vermezsiniz!

What you can do with willpower is usually to suppress the urge to eat. It doesn’t do much more than increase the energy that will emerge when the pressure is removed (long live the feeling of freedom), and give you a temporary “How weak you are” drunkenness.

Some of the nice perfectionists are happy with this situation at first, they may even like to be told “Look how he does it when he puts his mind to it”, “Bravo how did he lose that 10 kilos”, but the repetitions, giving and returning get tiring after a while. They can go into a circle of perfection again and leave the end of the rope completely, or they can find a solution to the issue by making peace with their weight. After all, they don’t want their perfectionism to suffer either.

We have made the determination, if you have any additions / objections, you can write them in the comments with pleasure. If you are wondering how to change the situation, continue reading.

Firstly; Define what is perfect for you. Perfect, complete, perfect, just in time, etc. definitions can come. Then expand this definition a little more. Perfect for whom, perfect for what? Then make a list of what you plan to do to lose weight. Make your list with a calendar, because perfectionists are also super procrastinators. Write down all the conditions you want it to be perfect for getting started, stepping up.

Then review how realistic this list is. Another piece of advice here is to make the list for someone whose life you know very well. Then you will be more objective.

Congratulate yourself when you take the first imperfect step. And repeat the celebratory work with every imperfect step. May your celebrations be perfect too 🙂

İlk mükemmel olmayan adımı attığınız zaman kendinizi kutlayın. Ve kutlama işini mükemmel olmayan her adımınızda tekrarlayın. Kutlamalarınız da mükemmel olmasın :)

At the end of the article, there is another fact that I cannot help but mention; You weren’t a perfectionist when you were born. You didn’t have thoughts such as “Let me smile at my mother perfectly, let me take the first step perfectly”. You probably grew up with parents with high expectations. And you’re still trying to keep up with their ever-rising bar (even if they’re no longer alive or expecting anything from you). This is why sometimes you can’t get out of the business even though you know it. (details for another article)

And remind yourself often.

I am precious and perfect in every way.

I wish everyone a healthy, enjoyable, joyful and of course a fit life 😊

Source: https://onedio.com/ Ece Benligiray


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