Why Are Women Superior?

Why Are Women Superior?

Male or superior female? Those who read the title think what a meaningless question. They are not wrong, what is meant by superiority? Economically or legally? As a right to education? As success in any business? We can stretch these questions further.

It is important from which aspect we consider this superiority issue. Economically, earnings are of course variable; In some families, the woman earns more money, where superiority means financial gain, and in some families, the man earns more. We do not discuss our equality in terms of social rights.

But there are some differences when it comes to biology. Let’s start with a little bit of biology and finally see who’s biologically superior.

Our sexes are determined by sex chromosomes called gonosomes. We have 2; as the X and Y chromosomes. While women have two X chromosomes (XX), men have one X and one Y chromosome (XY). The X chromosome is larger than the Y chromosome and contains more genes on it.

In females, one of the two X chromosomes is inactivated. The following question immediately came to your mind: Do women live with a single X chromosome? And does the presence of the Y chromosome (and therefore more genes) in males give males a genetic advantage? Let’s give an answer right away: In women, the same X chromosome is not inactivated in every cell. Consider a tissue, consisting of 1000 cells (I gave this number just to make it easy to explain), the X chromosome, which is inactivated in 600 of these cells, can be activated in the other cells. And considering that the X chromosome contains an average of 800-900 genes (in the Y, this number is known to be less than 100), there is tremendous diversity in women. And I would like to add one more information, a part of the X chromosome continues its biological life without being inactivated. In other words, there are regions that work actively even in the inactive X chromosome.

So why is the male birth rate higher than the female (female) rate? There are many hypotheses regarding these. Is it more difficult for cells with two X chromosomes to survive, or for the sperm and egg to survive after fertilization? But is it more resilient after clinging to life? Of course, it is not easy to explain this information biologically.

Perhaps this genetic excess can explain the fact that women live longer, are more immunologically resistant, and are less likely to suffer from mental illnesses in general. For example, let’s not go too far, the data for Covid-19, where women are less affected, and even infections that result in fewer deaths, have been discussed a lot. Indeed, it is known that women are more resistant to infectious diseases. The most important reason for this is estimated to be the diversity of genes on the X chromosome and related to our immune system. The two X chromosomes are richer in diversity. We can multiply these examples. Maybe we can talk about the need for extra biological support and resilience in order to give birth to a child.

We can even give an interesting example from sports.

Hatta ilginç bir örnek de spordan verebiliriz.

In fact, there is information that women are superior to men in activities that require endurance. When the physiological values ​​such as height, weight and muscle ratio are equalized with the support of some algorithms, it is concluded that the values ​​obtained by women with endurance are higher. This actually leads us to the conclusion that women are physically more resilient and more resilient than we anticipated, depending on the situation they are in. We’re not even talking about resilience.

Of course, superiority is a very controversial and, in fact, an unnecessary issue. Of course, individuals will react differently according to different situations, there is no condition that this will be between genders. However, it is seen that if there is a biological superiority, and even in terms of genetics; The needle in this superiority without affecting vital functions is like in women.

Source: https://onedio.com/ Korkut Ulucan

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