Who Are These Futurists?

Who Are These Futurists?

It is derived from the word future.

Futurism is like the effort of “historical science” to transform what, why, how, when and what happened in the past into knowledge; It tries to transform the why, why, how, when, what may happen in the future, possibilities and possible scenarios into information.

In short, to learn history backwards; Futurism looks forward to create a vision, and tries to illuminate the past and the future, both using mind-information-technology, so that we can move forward towards the future without falling, straying or with minimum damage.

Futurists are people who have adopted Futurism, that is, futurism, future screenwriters, possibility multipliers, positive future designers. Although most of them are autodidacts, there are now “Future Studies” courses or departments in many schools and universities around the world.

Although it is not a new field, the reason for its increasing popularity especially recently is that humanity is going through one of the biggest and critical transformation processes in history with the accelerating effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fütürizm (Futurism) İngilizce Future (=Gelecek) kelimesinden türemiştir.

According to futurists;

– In general, in the world, the usage of its meaning is congestion, unhappiness, insecurity, pessimism and a “concern for money” dominates. Everybody new low price, new goal setting. In order to imagine what the future will be like, the new world civilization will be shaped, and to dream a new and more.

– In terms of humanity, it tells about the pains of a great person such as poverty and war, which can bring into life something that can be accepted and implemented. They are the right marches of the blockchain for a detailed line-commercial from people with ethical values ​​on a global scale, from global to international in a way that consists of designs from all over the world.

– Actually, it has rich resources around the world. The problem is that it is not controlled and fairly distributed by a certain number of countries and/or societies. So this should be hindered, new practices and systems should be implemented to produce work, it is about practices and practices that are comprehensive and accepted as the whole general environment.

Futurist perspective, futurists;
– Developing viable plans to establish a peaceful and sustainable global civilization,

– The emphasis and awareness of human rights, which has remained in theory, in treaties, papers, behind closed doors, and is rapidly brought to the surface all over the world,

– The new world order provides social justice in the most humane, environmentalist and most effective way, and everyone can access all goods and services in the easiest way without harming the nature.

They work for a brand new future that rises on digits.

21st century futurists;

 They have the courage to be different.

 They develop a positive, progressive and innovative vision for all humanity and nature.

 They help individuals, institutions and societies to create a useful and effective roadmap.

 They know that they are responsible for humanity and nature.

 They are aware that they should be the designers of the future, not the audience.

 They know that the word modernity is not limited to living the day and they reflect this with their actions.

 They foresee the future.

 They feel the world to themselves and themselves to the world.

 They want to take part in the organization of the world.

 Using futurist approaches, they lead the masses to develop Futurist consciousness.

If you agree with most of the above and you are striving for these, relax, you are a futurist too, and if you are among us, we can say with peace of mind, “The Future is a Good Future”…

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