Where is the Center of the Universe?

Background of galaxy and stars

Where is the Center of the Universe?

First, we must know that the Big Bang is not the explosive scattering of matter into empty space; was the rapid expansion of space itself. This means that every single point in the universe was located in the center. Think of the universe as an empty balloon with dots on it. These dots represent galaxy clusters. As the balloon inflates, each point moves away from the next. The space between clusters of galaxies, like the rest of the universe, is growing at an accelerating rate (the gravitational force keeps the clusters’ sizes constant).

https://www.quantamagazine.org/ Where is the Center of the Universe?

Edwin Hubble was the first to observe this phenomenon in 1929. Hubble noticed that light from distant galaxies shifts to the red end of the spectrum, as if stretching out as it travels through space. By measuring the wavelengths of light, Hubble observed that galaxies are moving away from each other in direct proportion to their distance from each other. In the beginning the universe was a single point. So where is that point? That spot was everywhere, and it is now. Scientists even have proof: light from the Big Bang is filling the sky in all directions in the form of cosmic radiation.

Source: https://popsci.com.tr/
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