What Reasons Do Women Find Bigger Men More Attractive?

What Reasons Do Women Find Bigger Men More Attractive?

10. They are more mature than young men.

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It is known by everyone that women mature at an earlier age than men. Therefore, young men who want to explore the world and try different things before starting a serious relationship are not seen as the right partner by women.

To women ready to start a family and form a deeper commitment, older men seem more trustworthy and attractive; because it is quite possible that these males will get through their crazy phase and want to start a home now.

9. They have more life experiences.

9. Hayat tecrübeleri daha fazladır.

We’ve all heard that with age comes great wisdom. Sometimes the sentence goes like this: ‘but sometimes it just gets older.’ Apparently, Oscar Wilde was a bit wrong, because research has proven that older men are smarter than younger men. The most likely reason for this is that they have more life experience due to their age.

Women confirm this finding; because women are sure that older men have many life experiences that teach them effective lessons.

8. They know exactly what they want.

Another point some women highlight is that older men have less confusion in their lives. This means they are stable. They know exactly what they want, how to get it, and how meaningful what they want is. That’s why they don’t waste anyone’s time playing games. Therefore, they have no barriers to approaching the person whose help and advice they need.

7. Financially more balanced.

Some women don’t like ups and downs financially. It may be one of the reasons why women prefer it, as most mature men are in a more stable job situation.

6. Women see mature men as more ideal partners.

mature love; above all it is about patience, interest, trust and sometimes freedom. However, youth; It is about ‘all or nothing’ logic, emotional storms and being able to stand on one’s own feet. If at least one of the partners in the relationship is ready to intelligently withdraw, then there is at least hope for the relationship.

That’s why women are grateful to mature men for not being a man who can partner with them and want the whole world to revolve around them. Women don’t need to be told or even ‘allowed’. It’s all about being equal.

5. They have no problem helping their partners with housework.

Women need some help when it comes to housework, and older men are not prejudiced against it. We have witnessed women’s comments on this subject many times. They even stated that older men never complained about this issue. For example, some men wash the dishes after meals. It even increases the level one click and washes its own laundry.

Of course, this does not mean that they do housework all the time, but they know how to help when needed.

4. They know how to treat women.

Mature men, who have the advantage of knowing how the relationship will go or how it will break down, understand what women usually need or know what will make them happy. They know well how to stay away from problems they have encountered before. This makes the relationship even easier.

3. They become charismatic. 🙂

Older men have a unique attraction that triggers something in women. First of all, in their appearance; noble wrinkles around his eyes, white hair and some light beards… In addition, these men have different ways of introducing themselves. Women; they like their behavior, smiles and gestures. They attract attention with their unique and unfashionable styles.

2. They don’t want clutter in their lives.

Let’s face the fact that women are emotional people. They can very easily exaggerate an event and act without thinking. That’s why it’s so important that they have a man to stop them and let them breathe, and older men seem to have these traits.

We believe these men are not looking for play or mess. They prefer not to argue over mundane problems. If there is a problem, they sit down and talk like adults and come up with a solution that will benefit both parties.

1. They make you feel safe.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, trust is one of our most basic needs. So what is it that will make a woman feel safe and comfortable in her daily life? We believe that the items we have written above can provide this.

You need a reliable partner to spend your life with. You need to know where your life is heading. And it turns out that older and mature men can provide all of that and make you feel safe.

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