What is Thesis? How to write a Thesis?

What is Thesis? How to write a Thesis?

Undoubtedly, the most challenging period of the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate processes in university life is the thesis writing phase. The thesis writing, which should focus on many details from the research phase to its writing, can be facilitated if the right methods are followed. So, how to write a thesis? Here are the curious ones… Thesis or thesis are the ideas that are tried to be verified in the scientific research process, based on certain preliminary information in the scientific method, which have not yet been proven but do not logically contradict the existing information. After the thesis work is done, it must go through the plagiarism process, after which the thesis defense can be made. With this, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s diploma and degree can be obtained.

The thesis writing, which takes a very long time, is a process based on progress by being shaped around certain rules. In the news we have prepared for you, we have listed the things you need to pay attention to for the correct thesis writing.

  • Choose the right professor who will be your thesis advisor. Choose your thesis advisor, taking into account the interest and academic background of the professor who will be your thesis advisor.
  • Focus on the topic you are interested in. The factor that determines the fate of the thesis process is the thesis topic you will choose. Choosing a topic that you are interested in will both keep you morale and motivation high in writing the thesis and will ensure that you always focus on the subject.
  • Limit your chosen topic. Around your chosen topic, try to limit it if your topic covers a wide area of ​​research. Because, you may not be able to get the edge of the topics that you have studied in a wide scope.
  • Build your hypothesis. The hypothesis provides the testing of certain relations that are developed based on a certain theoretical basis and that are suggested to exist between the variables. Develop your hypothesis as a result of your reading and research. In the time frame of your research
  • Develop a research plan. Create a research plan in line with the topic you have chosen and the preliminary hypothesis you have developed. It is useful to create a rough plan, such as when you will do your readings and when you will start the writing process.
  • Finalize the research method. It is extremely important that you be certain about which research method or methods your thesis will be built around. According to the characteristics of the subject in a research, library research, survey, observation, interview, statistics, etc. several methods are used.
  • Reading and note taking practice. Start reading the resources you will read around your hypothesis and do your note-taking processes in the process. Because this reading and note-taking process is the most important part of your thesis.
  • Source control. Printed, visual, etc. that you will use while writing your thesis. do source control. All resources related to the thesis subject such as books, articles, reports, newspapers, seminars, congress papers can be collected.
  • Thesis writing. After all these processes, the last and most challenging process is the thesis writing process. At the end of the reading and note-taking process around your hypothesis, you can write your thesis in a certain time frame. The reliability of the sources on which you base your hypothesis should not be doubted, and your findings and generalizations should be objective. The text of the thesis should be clear and understandable. In addition, all steps and findings of the research should be presented with complete clarity and without leaving any room for doubt.
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