What is the Source of Life?

What is the Source of Life?

Dear visitor, in this article, we will examine what the “Source of Life” is from a Christian perspective. Our primary source is the Bible, the word of God.

Does DNA Point to the Designer God?
In 1967, astronomers began to discover radio signals from space. Astronomers tried to explain this situation by saying, “The first thing that came to our mind was that another intelligent species was trying to communicate with us.” These signals were called “Little Green Men, ‘LGM’.”

But the scientists realized that what they discovered was actually a pulsar, a star orbiting a certain orbit, that made sounds like a radio signal.

How can scientists tell whether something belongs to a natural or intelligent source? In fact, this is the question at the center of the creation or evolution debate:

How Do We Know If Life Is Natural Or A Product Of Intelligence?
Let’s consider some common analogies. While walking around the city of Ephesus, we see an ancient amphitheater on the slope of a mountain. We have no doubt that this artifact was created not by wind or rain, but by intelligent beings. Or suppose we find an iron arrowhead near a stream. No one will attribute this object to water erosion.

Separation of human or natural products is an important element for archeology. An archaeologist excavating in Mesopotamia has to distinguish whether what he has discovered is a piece of stone or an inscription.

It is an indisputable fact that nature also produces some kind of regular works. For example, we can show the shapes formed by the waves on the sea shores or the stars mixed with the radio signal. However, there is one element that nature cannot produce, “complexity”.

Let’s imagine walking on the beach and seeing the words “I Love You” written on the sand. When we look at the shapes created by the wind and waves on the sand, this article immediately draws our attention. Scientists call such artifacts “complexity” that are not works of nature.

Let’s imagine that when we look at the sky, we see something waving like a white cloud, but it has “Drink Coca Cola” written on it. Without a moment’s hesitation, we realize that this is not an ordinary cloud and we start looking for the balloon or plane that shot this advertisement.

Our common daily experience provides us with sufficient information about the works that nature will create on its own. We can easily distinguish between works of nature and products of intelligence.

So what can we say about the Source of Life?
We see the DNA molecule as the nucleus of life. Geneticists tell us that the structure of DNA is just like a language. It is like a molecular communication system that communicates with cells.

Of course, the information that DNA gives is much more complex than statements like “I Love You” or “Drink Coca Cola”. An ordinary DNA contains much more information than the library of a big city. If we look at the phrase “I Love You” in the sand and doubt that it belongs to an intelligent creature, why not think the same about DNA?

One need not be a sophisticated chemist or genetic engineer to oppose the theory of evolution. Based on common sense and the common experience of humanity, we can logically say that life is not a work of nature.

Source: https://www.kutsalkitap.org

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