What is the Kerbela incident when did it happen?

What is the Kerbela incident when did it happen?

The “Kerbela incident”, in which Hussein, the grandson of our Prophet Muhammad, and 72 people were martyred, has been commemorated in the Islamic world for centuries. So, what is the Karbala incident? Here is the history and brief summary of the Karbala event…

In the Kerbela Desert near Kufa, Iraq, on 10 Muharram 61 (October 10, 680) according to the Hijri calendar, after the death of the first caliph of the Umayyad State, Muaviye bin Abu Sufyan, his son, Yazid bin Muaviye, the 2nd Caliph of the Umayyads, succeeded him. The sad events that took place due to the Prophet’s request for Husayn to pay allegiance to him deeply hurt the believers who loved the Prophet Muhammad and his family.

The martyrdom of Hazrat Hussein and his family 1382 years ago by Yazid was a sad example that showed that political greed and cruelty would result in lasting results for centuries.

Today is considered a “day of mourning” because of the martyrdom of Hussein and his companions on the “Day of Ashura”, the 10th day of Muharram.

Muaviye, who seized the caliphate office in 661 according to the Gregorian calendar as a result of long political struggles, began to receive allegiance from the people for his son Yazid, in order to transform the “caliphate” office into the sultanate after the martyrdom of Hazrat Hasan. But Hazrat Husayn did not accept this situation.

After Muaviye’s death in 680, Yazid’s son, who succeeded him, wanted to take the allegiance of Hazrat Hussein as the first thing. Realizing that the situation would deteriorate as the pressure on him to give allegiance increased, Hazrat Hussein set out for Mecca with his family members in May 680.

The people of Kufe, who came to Mecca, invited Husayn to their city and offered to form a unity against the Umayyads.


Hurr bin Yazid, sent by Kufa Governor Ubeydullah bin Ziyad with a thousand soldiers, did not allow the convoy to continue on the road and told Husayn to follow a road between Kufa and Medina until a new order came from the governor.

Upon this, first Hazrat Hussein and then Omar bin Sa’d reached the Karbala Desert by the Euphrates River. Kufa Governor Ubeydullah ordered Umar to take allegiance from Hazrat Hussein on behalf of Yazid, otherwise he would be cut off from water.

Hazrat Hussein and his companions, who did not accept the offer of allegiance, decided to die in the way of Allah in order not to submit to the persecution.

Hazrat Hussein and his 32 horsemen and 40 infantrymen completed their war preparations in the tent set up in the region.

Later, Hazrat Hussein and his followers and Yazid’s supporters came face to face in Karbala. When Omar bin Sa’d, who was afraid of the rebellion of his army, fired the first arrow, the war began. Many people were killed by Hazrat Hussein on the battlefield, and there was no one left but the ahl al-bayt.

19-year-old Ali al-Akbar, who went out from his tent to the battlefield with the permission of his father, Hazrat Hussein, was martyred by the people of Kufe with spear and sword blows. The people of Kufe also martyred the other children of Hazrat Hussein, Cafer and Abdullah.


The people of Kufe, who did not have the courage to fight one-on-one with Hussein, who fought heroically and defeated everyone who came in his way, attacked him all together.

Hazrat Hussein’s head was cut off, and his body was crushed under the feet of horses. The severed heads of Hazrat Hussein and his companions were sent to Yazid, and their bodies were buried in a place called Hair by the villagers of Al-Gadiriye, a member of Beni Esed.

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