What is the Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up?

What is the Difference Between Quitting and Giving Up?

To give up means to be reluctant by being forced. Sometimes you intend to let go of something, but you do not have the heart for it, you are not ready, and knowing that you have to let go, you give up on that thing by staying behind. To let go is to cut ties with it voluntarily, by noticing, by deciding, by becoming clear.


A person has a sense of fear and anxiety in order to accumulate what he has learned, to keep it, and to continue his life with it. Every moment the Creator drops everything, destroys it, and recreates everything from scratch in a moment.

In this re-creation, when we move on with what we can’t leave, we copy the influence and energy of what we can’t leave into our lives and experience them again. This time we have something called memory. The memory is the various states and situations that we try to bring from the past to the present. As such, the person begins to swim in the sea of ​​memories. He is swimming in the horizontal and negative energy of the past, thinking that he is happy because this item, that ring, that necklace, this gift have such a memory.

In time, the person becomes convinced that the new will not be given to him, and the past finds the old safe and prefers to stay there. Many people build their lives on the inability to let go so that their marriage with the past will continue.

What happens to those who can’t quit?

First, these people experience constipation. All the constipated are those who can’t quit. Those who cannot lose their weight and those who cannot lose it are those who accumulate excess fat. Those who are very weak can’t get it and the reason why they can’t get it is because they can’t let go of the old. It is very important to see how inability to quit hurts and how it hinders progress. If we can’t see them, if we can’t notice their effects, if we can’t accept that it’s time to quit, then we continue to move backwards with what we couldn’t let go.

It’s called regression…

Some go back in past and old information, some in beliefs, some in experiences, some in ideas, thoughts or things they hold… The most important deficiency here is the lack of trust. So the problem of all those who can’t quit is safety. Because they cannot trust, they try to control life themselves and focus on this control. With control, they think they are the god of their lives. These people, thinking that they can close their doors of wish-will and create their lives with their own mind-thought powers, conflict with Divine laws.

However, by trusting the divine laws and systems, knowing that life and the universe are under your command, remembering that as a vicegerent of Allah and just saying BE is enough, you can manage this life and the universe with your expressions and wishes.

If you are sure that when you ask for something, it will be given to you, if you are confident that you will meet the new one when you let go of the old, then you can easily let go. This is the assurance that the one who creates life will see and hear our demands and fulfill them, and that what is for our benefit will be given. That’s when we let go of the old with ease.

With the intention of quitting

   Unal GÜNER

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