What is the Difference Between Android and iOS?

What is the Difference Between Android and iOS?

The world’s most used mobile operating systems, and iOS, are frequently compared with each other by both technology experts and users. Although both operating systems have their own pros and cons, we are actually talking about two diametrically opposite platforms. So what is the difference between and iOS? Does have advantages over iOS? Who should choose which operating system? Here are the detailed answers to all these questions…

Although different alternatives to mobile operating systems are offered to the market from time to time, Android and iOS stand out among the operating systems that we have heard and used the most for years. Even though both basically serve the same purpose, there are various differences in all the details of these popular operating systems, from their philosophy to their design, from their ease of use to their performance. “What is the difference between Android and iOS?” The answers to many questions about these two operating systems, including the question, are in the continuation of our article.

Let’s Start Over: What’s the Difference Between Android and iOS?

As it is known, Android operating system is developed by Google and iOS is developed by Apple. However, the difference between Android and Apple does not end there. While Android is a Linux-based and open source operating system, iOS is completely closed. This makes the Android operating system much more flexible; It allows it to support APK extension software outside the app store, but it also brings security vulnerabilities. iOS, on the other hand, is much more closed, but operates much more securely, as it only allows downloading content such as applications and games from sources determined by Apple.

What are the Advantages of Android over iOS?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, both operating systems have their own pros and cons. On the other hand, when compared to iOS, the Android operating system takes the lead in certain aspects, especially in free software dynamics. These;

  • Since Android is defined as a free operating system, it is not only available on Apple devices like iOS. All brands can use the Android operating system on their phone models. This means much more choice, both in terms of price and features.
  • Since the Android operating system is a free operating system, technology brands do not pay extra for this popular software from Google. As a matter of fact, devices with Android operating system offer more affordable alternatives in terms of price, even if they include the same features as phones with iOS.
  • Android phones do not have various restrictions on connection and file transfer as in iOS. That’s why you can easily share the contents of your phone with any device without any restrictions.
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Should I Get Android or iOS?

In fact, it is possible to reach the answer to this question by taking a look at the details we have listed so far. E.g; If you want to use a smartphone with more features at more affordable prices, you can choose Android, but if your priority is not price but a much more stable and secure operating system, you should choose iOS. At this point, “Android or iOS safe?” We also give the answer to the question.

In addition, if your expectation from a smartphone is to be able to use all features and applications as they are without any restrictions, Android is a much more suitable operating system for this purpose. Instead, if you are looking for a more restricted operating system that is much easier to use and has higher security, you should choose iOS.

Is Android or iOS Used More?

First of all, let’s state the answer to this question without deceit: operating system is used much more widely than iOS operating system both in our country and in the world. However, this does not mean that the Android operating system is the best, because both operating systems appeal to very different expectations from each other. That’s why “and are the best in their respective classes.” It wouldn’t be wrong to say. In addition, there are different reasons for the widespread use of the Android operating system all over the world, such as price and variety, apart from performance. E.g; Almost all smartphone manufacturers prefer the Android operating system in both flagship and entry-level phone models, as it is connected to a world giant like Google and is free. This causes  to be used more widely in all countries.

Finally, Android and iOS are constantly releasing new updates. Since iOS updates are closed system and only cover iPhones, you should keep in mind that updates can cause various compatibility problems in different models of different brands, while  updates work much more smoothly.

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