What is Software Expertise in 12 Items

What is Software Expertise in 12 Items

If you ask what is software, in short, all programs and websites on a computer, including the operating systems that enable us to use computers, are called “Software”.
The games and applications that we love to play on our smartphones and tablets, which we cannot put down, are software.

1. What is the operating system? Everything is asked of him. It is the most basic software that works from the start of the computer and mobile devices until they are turned off (or until your parents or your spouse pull the plug).

Its duties include processing and executing commands from you, allowing other software to run and enabling us to communicate with hardware. There’s a lot of it. Since he is the main hero in the background, he is also responsible for sending the printout to the printer, he can keep up with the speed of our keyboard, he also works on WhatsApp, it is his job to reflect everything on our screens, not to mention counting.

2. Even the operation of a television, washing machine or calculator is also possible thanks to software.

3. Software in the simplest sense consists of codes, these codes are actually a series of commands. Beforehand, what this application can do is specified with codes.

In other words, in the simplest sense, when we press a key to make calculations on the calculator or write chickpeas, the writing of that number on the screen and the ability to perform calculations have already been specified by the software. When we key in 2, the software knows that this key is 2 and writes it to the screen.

4. Who is a software expert? In short, this friend is the person who wrote these codes. There is no somersault or ordeal in order to make us like these sites and to make the applications work flawlessly. This friend writes websites and games, and this friend is the scourge of states, banks, airlines and all of us, which we call Hacker.

Although there are different titles such as software specialist, software developer, computer programmer in the IT sector, the most used title is software specialist, but of course, most of them choose the title that sounds cool to them. They are known as antisocial, but they are not just envied J. There is an opinion in the industry that only men are software developers. Do I need to say a misconception?

5. A software can be coded by a single person or as a team depending on the size of the project. Of course, if you don’t eat each other until the end of the project!

6. Do you want to be a software expert? For this, you must be open to learning and development because as technology develops, the software industry changes and develops.

For example, mobile phones that could only send calls and messages before were replaced by smart phones, which are almost no different from computers, and mobile phones have become obsolete. Before there was an iPhone, there was the Nokia 3310!

7. University is not necessary to be a software specialist, so you don’t have to struggle with nightmare visas and finals and spend your life in student houses with pasta, but you can start to improve yourself by learning software with software expertise courses.

8. To become a software specialist, you must first choose a programming language and proceed in this direction. Many popular software languages ​​are available.

8. Yazılım uzmanı olmak için öncelikle bir programlama dili seçmelisiniz ve bu yönde ilerlemelisiniz. Pek çok popüler yazılım dili mevcuttur.

Hundreds of software languages ​​have been developed so far, as well as languages ​​such as Java, C#, Visual Basic, C++, but very few of them have survived to the present day.

9. You can write code in different styles with each programming language, but the common purpose of all of them is to tell the application what to do. In other words, write the facebook site in Java, write it in C# or write it in PHP. Every language has its own differences.

Since the official language of programming is English, having at least technical English knowledge will facilitate your progress.

10. Does this cool profession have good salaries? Yes, they have very high earnings, and if you search, these friends are among the top 3 professions with the highest salary.

Our brother Steve Jobs wrote the IOS operating system that allows us to use iPhones and Ipads, Bill Gates wrote the Windows operating system we use on our computers, and Mark Zuckerberg wrote the facebook website and built their empire. Just think about the rest, how much money this software can make.

11. You can progress in different areas of expertise such as desktop (Desktop) software specialist, web software specialist, mobile software specialist, and you can specialize in all of these areas.

In other words, you can develop desktop applications such as Photoshop and Office, websites such as onedio, facebook, twitter, and implement popular applications on mobile devices.

12. While playing computer games such as GTA, Call Of Duty, “what the hell did they do!” You can be the secret hero who is praised in the sentence, you can make all the electronic devices we use in our daily life, even the robots we see in the movies, with your software skills.

Look, there are great opportunities for you to step into the software industry here!

Bakın burada yazılım sektörüne adım atmanız için harika fırsatlar var!

I am open to innovations and technological developments, I can adapt quickly, I can always research and improve myself, if you say that you love computers and technologies, software expertise, which is among the most prestigious and most profitable professions in the world, is the profession for you!

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