What is Silicon Valley? Where And When Was Founded?

What is Silicon Valley? Where And When Was Founded?

Nowadays, it is not possible to keep up with the speed of technology. Because it continues to develop and come up with innovations day by day. The main requirement of technology is research and development, namely R&D. There are quite large structures working for the development of technology. Silicon Valley is also closely related to technology. Although it is a name that is heard by everyone, it is a frequently researched subject, although it is not known exactly what it is. What is Silicon Valley? Here are all the curious details.

Silicon Valley, although it sounds like a green area, is a very different region. Silicon Valley is also called the heart of technology. Although it is not known by everyone, it is a region that is closely followed by everyone who is interested in this field, especially big technology companies in the field of technology.


What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is one of the most important spots in the world today. Because the heart of technology beats here. The name Silicon Valley was actually given because there is intense chip production in this region. So, it’s a nickname. Although this region is understood as a valley, a plain, a rural area from its name, on the contrary, it is intertwined with electronics and technology. Silicon Valley is now seen as a State of Technology in its own right. The first steps of Silicon Valley were taken with the establishment of Stanford University.

Silicon Valley is actually a high-end R&D region. The largest technology companies that have made a name for themselves around the world are located here. There are great Turkish names in this important region. Among companies, technology giants such as Intel, Google, Apple, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Oracle host with their headquarters. However, thousands of companies continue their work in this region. In addition, Silicon Valley not only manages the world’s technology, but also contributes greatly to the world economy.

Why it is called Silicon Valley is also among the most curious ones. All major companies located here produce chips for technology products. Silicon is used in chip production. That’s why this region is called Silicon Valley. Many things in daily life are progressing thanks to the developing technology. Because everything we use is a product of technology. As such, the interest in technology is increasing. Technology giant companies, on the other hand, produce new products for human needs and to facilitate daily life.

Silicon Valley serves exactly these purposes. World-renowned technology companies are doing different studies in their buildings in this region. In these studies, they both develop existing technological products and develop new technological products. In addition, the follow-up and development of technology elements that require management are also done here. Silicon Valley includes many nations. In short, all the giants of the world gather here. In addition, Silicon Valley offers different opportunities for companies to carry out their R&D studies. Therefore, its contribution to technology is too great to be questioned.

Where and When Was Silicon Valley Founded?

Silicon Valley is located in America. Its exact location is in Northern California, south of the San Francisco Bay Area. This valley is home to 2,000 of the world’s largest technology companies. Although the establishment date of Silicon Valley is not known exactly, the first steps were taken in 1891. According to another information, the steps of Silicon Valley begin with Stanford University. Today, Silicon Valley is also known as the State of Technology.

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