What is Sequence?

What is Sequence?

God’s History

Silsile – Almighty Allah created humans as family members. He carries on his eternal plans over generations that receive blessings from each other Exodus 20:5-6. In this respect, the history of humanity is told as the history of people who are connected to each other and constitute a chain of fayz 1. Dates 1:1-3. Therefore, genealogies have an important place in the Bible.

Also, Almighty God Himself initiated a Sacred lineage.

Almighty Allah, Adam and Hz. He explained that the Messiah, who would be the savior and crush Satan’s head right after Eve fell into sin, would one day come from his own family in a special way. Genesis 3:16. This is how the sacred line began.

Important Steps: Abraham, David, Babylonian Exile

While all humanity rebelled against God, God divided humanity into nations and languages. He called Abraham and promised to create a new nation from his descendants. By choosing his family, he promised that he would thus continue the chain to the savior and bring blessings to all nations Genesis 12:1-3, Matthew 1:1-2.

Almighty God then prepared for the coming of the Messiah the Savior, through the prophets, who were interdependent and revealed steps, into the nation he had created in this way and for this purpose. Acts 3:18, Luke 24:26-27. The big turning points that are important in this ups and downs adventure and sequence, Hz. David and Babylonian exile. Matthew 1:17. Both 2 Samuel 7:11-13 and Babylon specifically told David how and when God would carry out his plan of salvation through Christ during the time of exile Daniel 9:24-26. Isaiah 53:1-5 showed that sins were forgiven because of His sacrifice, and Ezekiel 36:25-27 showed people a lasting and heart-changing inspiration.

The living Jesus Christ is the End of the Line
With Jesus Christ, the Holy line ends.

For though he died on the cross, he rose again and lives; He is immortal and never leaves his disciples orphans. Because he has given us his Holy Spirit, they see Him with the eyes of the heart, speak to Him like his twelve disciples, ask questions, and hear His voice John 14:16-20, John 10:27-30.

This is why Jesus Christ forbade his disciples to give a spiritual title such as father or master to anyone other than himself. For he is the Master and guide of each disciple Matthew 23:8-10. The end of the chain with the giving of the Holy Spirit, the permanent source of inspiration for each disciple, is promised in the Torah Jeremiah 31:34. Thus ended the law and prophecy in Jesus Christ Luke 16:16. For in the place of the Sovereignty of the soul, as promised to Adam by His salvation, the Kingdom of God was again established in the hearts of men.

If Christians train other Christians, they train them not as their own disciples, but as disciples of Jesus Christ Matthew 28:18-20.

Series and the End of the World
Through those disciples, God lovingly called and continues to call all the peoples of the world. People of all peoples, languages, cultures; They will be disciples of Jesus Christ. The end of human history is about the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham Matthew 24:14, Revelation 7:9. At the same time, the disciples of Jesus Christ will be persecuted by all peoples Matthew 24:9 If the end of human history is the spread of the testimony of salvation in Christ, yet being rejected by most and witnesses being killed, Revelation 6:9-11. Because most of humanity will consciously reject the salvation that God offers in Jesus Christ. He will have declared this in an effort to destroy witnesses like Jesus Christ who endure persecution.

Source: https://www.kutsalkitap.org/silsile

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