What is philophobia?

What is philophobia?

The concept of love, which is as old as the history of humanity, is a pleasant feeling that excites people and occupies their thoughts. What about betrayal, separation pain or disappointment, after you think “I never want to fall in love again” “I’m afraid even the idea of ​​falling in love” or have you encountered people around you who say such words? Be careful because these words can be a sign of “philophobia”.

What is philophobia?

Phobia, a type of anxiety disorder, is defined as an intense fear of an object or situation. Philophobia, which is called a phobia, is the name given to the fear of falling in love. According to experts, it is not known exactly what causes philophobia, but there are theories that it occurs after a negative emotional experience. However, unless this condition is treated, it can cause the person to run away from his family and friends, and to lose communication with his social environment.

So how does one become philophobic and what are the symptoms of philophobia?

You met a person. When you started to have a good time together, you realized that you had a lot in common. As time progressed, you fell in love with that person. Unfortunately, not every love has a happy ending. You have been cheated on or abandoned when you thought everything was going well. It took time to mend your broken heart.

After a long time, you started to love someone again. After a while, you gathered all your courage and told all the feelings you had for him. However, you were rejected. Repeated disappointments and feelings of rejection can harden people’s hearts. In order not to get hurt again and again, you have decided not to be attached to anyone with deep love anymore. Beware, you may be philophobic too.

When philophobic people meet a new person due to their bad experiences in the past, they worry and fear that if they feel that there is a possibility of liking that person, they will suffer again. In fact, they are aware that their fears are meaningless, but they cannot avoid this feeling.

When they realize that they have the possibility to love someone again, they have to fight with feelings such as helplessness, haste, and restlessness. Because of the bad experience they had in the past, their perspective on love has changed. Philophobic people believe that if they start a relationship, it will always end in disappointment. For these people, fleeing is actually like a defense shield. By escaping, they protect themselves from the feeling of bitterness.

Philophobia, which causes damage to the soul, also affects the person physically. When philophobic people meet the person they like, they want to leave that environment as soon as possible. The heart begins to beat faster, symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, sweating, fainting, and excessive anxiety can be observed.

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Who is more prone to be philophobic?

While educating young children, parents trying to scare the child by using expressions such as “if you don’t do what I say, no one will love you” “your father and I will leave you” to make the child do what they want, by planting seeds of bitterness in the child’s heart, may cause the emergence of philophobia after a love pain in the child’s later years.

Philophobia Treatment

Fear of falling in love is a disease that makes the person unhappy and prevents him from enjoying life. Confrontations form the basis of phobia treatments. Because the patient is afraid of his own feelings, the patient is exposed to falling in love with the “imagination” exercise called “imagination”. The philophobic person is gradually confronted with this fear.

After the confrontation, the negative thoughts that have taken place in the person’s mind about love are replaced by positive thought patterns. Thus, the fears and anxieties caused by the painful experience in the past are left behind. What happened in the past remains just a life experience.

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