What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)

What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)

NFTs have now completely taken their place in our lives. So what do the terms we often hear about NFTs mean? We have compiled the most important NFT terms for you.

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The number of NFT investors is increasing day by day!

NFTs; It has become a part of our lives with areas such as games, metaverse universes, virtual stores that are increasing their popularity day by day, and the popularity of NFTs is increasing day by day. This naturally increases the interest of crypto money investors in NFTs. Not only crypto money investors, but now everyone has a question in the back of their minds, should I invest too? In order to better understand NFTs, which are in so many languages ​​and minds, we also examined NFT terms.

What is NFT collection and skeleton?

What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)
What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)

NFT developers make a drawing, which we call a skeleton, which is actually the most basic building block of an NFT collection, which can sometimes be a shape and sometimes a character. Afterwards, they get different NFT parts by playing with this character or shape on the skeleton shape. This becomes an NFT collection with NFT parts built on the same skeleton. For example, the skeleton of the BAYC NFT collection is a drawing of a monkey. Each NFT piece created by making various arrangements on this monkey drawing forms a part of the BAYC NFT collection.

What is pre-sale in NFT projects?

What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)
What is Mint Gass Fee and Pre-sale? (NFT)

NFTs can be traded on the relevant exchanges after the creation, pre-sale and public sale stages. The stage we call pre-sale means pre-sale. Before each NFT piece in the project is sold publicly, people who meet certain conditions can be given with pre-sale.

What is NFT minting?

NFT mintlemek nedir?

Minting NFT is actually the name given to the whole process of transforming a drawing, a work of art or music into an NFT. NFT exchanges such as OpenSea have very easy methods for mining NFT. First of all, you need to select an image, sound or gif you want to convert to NFT and upload it to the platform. Afterwards, platforms are already directing you on issues such as sales price and copyright. In essence, it’s a much easier process than doing any online shopping.

Finally, let’s talk about the whitelist privilege and gas fee concepts.

Son olarak whitelist ayrıcalığı ve gass fee kavramlarına değinelim.

Project owners determine a whitelist for minting in the pre-sale. In this whitelist, project owners can make a minting event with a pool of people created by filling out a certain form, if they wish, to their closest people. If desired, a public minting event can also be organized. In this event, users start the minting process and a collection begins to be created with the resulting NFTs. Before these transactions, it is necessary to connect the metamask wallet to the website of the relevant NFT vendor.

The most important thing to pay attention to here is the gas fee. The gas fee, that is, the transaction fee, increases depending on the density of the network where the NFT collection is located, and if there is density in the relevant network during the mint activity, the gas fee also increases accordingly and may cause a gas fee payment more than the value of the NFT.

Source: https://onedio.com

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