What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to give maximum results using low cost but unconventional tactics. Basically, guerrilla marketing aims to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the customer by using various ways that destroy expectations and create surprise. Companies using this strategy also want to make their voices heard to a wider audience through viral marketing or word of mouth marketing. It first appeared in 1984 with the book ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ written by Jay Conrad Levinson. The main reason for the name guerilla is that it is inspired by the irregular and small war tactics used by armed militias.

Advertisements designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions are more targeted at young people. In traditional methods, guerrilla marketing takes place in public places with large audiences, such as the streets, concerts, public parks, sports festivals, beaches and, of course, shopping malls.

IKEA Stairs Advertisement

Designing the stairs in the store with the appearance of a drawer, IKEA wants to emphasize how its customers, who use its products, save space in their homes. It’s a creative form of guerrilla marketing, displaying simple ideas of how easy it can be to use by displaying its products on its ladders.


Public Transport Vehicles

Many companies use public transport for advertising purposes. However, some do this in much more realistic and effective ways. The advertisement image of Copenhagen Zoo with tour buses is quite remarkable. The image of the snake wrapped around the bus catches the eye wherever it goes.


Colgate Guerrilla Marketing 

Toothpaste and toothbrush maker Colgate has made popsicle sticks a creative marketing tool. The toothbrush-shaped wooden stick that appears after you enjoy the ice cream sends the message that you don’t forget to brush your teeth.

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