What is Gravity?


Information About What is Gravity

All matter in the universe exerts a gravitational force on each other. This includes the objects found in the world. Another name for gravity is gravitational force. The Earth exerts a mass-body force on all objects on it. In this content for you, we have researched and compiled information about gravity, the views of world-famous scientists, namely Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, about gravity.

How was Gravity Discovered?

Although gravity is known as a concept that emerged after the apple falling on Newton’s head, it actually dates back much earlier. B.C. 4th century The Greek philosopher Aristotle first noticed this force and stated that heavy objects fall to the ground faster than light objects. After Aristotle, Italian Galileo developed by proving that air exerts a frictional force and that when this friction is eliminated, all objects fall at the same speed regardless of mass, and that the speed of falling is related to the falling height.

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The Isaac Newton apple story, which has been taught in schools since childhood, is told as if an apple fell on his head like a coincidence, and Newton suddenly became enlightened and discovered gravity. This is not such a simple situation. Newton tried to understand and explain this force for many years. The existence of this force was already known since the time of Aristotle, but it could not be explained why objects fell directly towards the ground without sliding to the right or left.

This is where Newton’s theory comes into play, “Mass Gravitational Force”… Newton understood that objects have a gravitational force between them according to their own masses, and he understood that objects fall directly to the ground as a result of the gravitational force exerted by the earth on the earth. According to Newton’s theory, the gravitational force between two masses is directly proportional to the size of the masses; is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. That is, as the masses get larger, the gravitational force increases, and as the distance between them increases, the gravitational force decreases. With this theory, Newton signed one of the most important foundations of physics and astronomy was able to explain the unknowns thanks to this theory.

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The gravitational force has been explained by Newton’s principles over the years. But Albert Einstein brought a different perspective with his general theory of relativity in 1915. Einstein’s theory was difficult to understand, and not even scientists could understand it in the early days. But as it became clear, it was understood that Einstein actually updated his theory of gravity. Accordingly, gravity occurs as a result of the curve of space-time.

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