What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Only One Meal a Day?

What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Only One Meal a Day?

Many people follow a 24-hour eating pattern, also known as an if diet. This diet type is very popular for many reasons such as losing weight, eating healthy and spending less money on food. If you are wondering what will change in your body if you only eat one meal a day, let’s take you below 👇

1. You can gain weight.

1. Kilo alabilirsiniz.

When we eat less food, our body goes to the way of storing the food we eat by entering the psychology of hunger. In this way, our body can use these nutrients as we need them. In short, we can say that your metabolism slows down. The production of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, increases, which increases fat storage.

2. Your blood sugar level may vary.

2. Kan şekeri seviyeniz değişkenlik gösterebilir.

Fasting for a long time lowers your blood sugar. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes, low blood sugar is encountered when fasting. You may also have a headache due to muscle tension.

You may suffer from a vitamin deficiency.

3. Vitamin yetersizliği çekebilirsiniz.

You may not get enough vitamins and minerals by eating one meal a day. You may also experience hair loss due to vitamin deficiency. In addition, white spots on the nails are also caused by calcium deficiency.

4. Your social life may be interrupted.

4. Sosyal hayatınız sekteye uğrayabilir.

Since you eat only one meal, you will be left behind from many social activities when you say business lunches, birthdays, family meetings, afternoon teas. Aside from the ordeal of telling your family and friends that you’re on a diet, you’ll also be increasingly frustrated with hunger. As a result, you may become a more irritable person.

5. You may have a headache.



It is seen that those who want to lose weight in a short time suffer from headaches. You may have a headache for many reasons, such as low blood sugar, magnesium deficiency and prolonged hunger.

6. You are always cold.

6. Sürekli üşürsünüz.

We said that when you eat a single meal, your blood sugar drops and your body stores fat. In this way, our body stores energy to give us strength in an emergency. Eating low-calorie meals also causes a constant feeling of hunger and cold.

7. You are more likely to eat unhealthy meals.

7. Sağlıksız yemekler yeme ihtimaliniz artar.

You may want to think ‘I only eat one meal anyway’ and prefer to eat fast food for this meal. Of course, after 24 hours of starvation, no one wants to eat a plate of broccoli! Since you eat only one meal, you may eat more and unhealthy foods than you should at this meal. Because you eat too much, you feel heavy and bloated.

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