What Are the Rules of Volleyball? How to Play Volleyball?

What Are the Rules of Volleyball? How to Play Volleyball?

Volleyball is a team game played between two teams of six players, aiming to pass the ball over the net to the opposite side by making a maximum of three passes and to drop it into the opposing team’s court. The inventor of volleyball, which was invented in the USA in 1885, is William Morgan, who teaches Physical Education at the Holyoke YMCA school. Morgan designed such a game by using the inner tube of a basketball and had his students play the first game. With the USA’s participation in World War I, volleyball became a world-famous game when it was played by American soldiers in Europe and the Far East. When the calendars showed 1964, volleyball found its place in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time. The Soviet Union maintained its dominance in the world in volleyball until its collapse in 1991. In our article, we will talk about how to play volleyball, the rules of volleyball and what should be the characteristics of volleyball players.

How to Play Volleyball?
Volleyball is a team game played between two teams of six players, whose main purpose is to pass the ball over the net located in the middle of the field, and hit the opponent’s court in a maximum of three hits. The position of volleyball players is almost fixed on their own court. Three players attack by standing close to the net, while three players defend by standing behind the attacking players. A team may hit the ball once or twice, but the maximum down is three. If the ball is touched for the fourth time, a foul will be committed and the ball will pass to the opposing team. The ball can be hit with the hands and arms. It is also a foul if the feet or legs touch the ball.

A volleyball match consists of a total of five sets. The first team to reach 25 points with at least two margins wins the set. The first four sets are played at 25 points, the last set at 15 points. At least two differences apply in this set as well.

A player in a volleyball team whose jersey is different from his other friends is called a “libero”. This player is a defensive player. It does not attack, block or serve. The Libero usually monitors and maintains the balance within the team from the rear. It acts as a bridge between the coach and the team. A total of six changes can be made in each set.

What Are the Rules of Volleyball?
Let’s look at what are the rules of volleyball:

  • The volleyball should weigh 260 – 280 grams and be 65 cm wide.
  • The volleyball court is 9 x 18 meters and is divided into two in the middle. After each set, the teams change their half-courts.
  • During the game, no player may step on the opponent’s court.
  • The net located on the center line of the volleyball court divides the field into two equal halves. The length of this net is determined as 2.43 cm for men and 2.24 cm for women.
  • However, with a common decision, this net can be adjusted lower.
  • The one-third section to the right of the back line of a half court is called the “Service Area” and the service, ie kick-off kicks, are made from this area in a way that sends the ball to the
  • opponent’s half in one go.
  • If the service is made from outside the “Service Area”, it will be invalid.
  • If the game is played in a closed area, the ceiling height must be at least 7.8 meters.
  • The game starts with the serve.
  • The serve can be made by hitting the ball with the palm of the hand, arm or fist.
  • The team that receives the served ball has to send the ball back to the other half of the court with a maximum of three hits.
  • Players cannot hit the ball twice in a row during the game.
  • Players cannot step on the opponent’s area for any reason.
  • Players cannot hold the ball firmly in their hands.
  • If team A manages to touch the ball to team B’s half court or field line, it scores 1 point.
  • However, if the ball thrown by team A touches outside of team B’s court, team B scores 1 point.
  • No player may touch the ball below his hips.
  • Touching the ball more than three times, stepping on the opponent’s court, holding the net, touching the net, handling or holding the ball illegally is a foul.
  • In fouls, the ball passes to the opponent.
  • If a team wins 3 sets in a row, the match is over.

Characteristics of Volleyball Players
The game of volleyball needs players with many different characteristics. For this reason, every volleyball player should strive to specialize in the direction he sees himself as strong. Thus, each player tolerates the weakness of another teammate. In addition, a volleyball player should not ignore moral and social studies as well as technical and tactical studies. Because volleyball is a team sport just like football, basketball and baseball, and social power brings success in volleyball, just like any team sport.

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