What are the Northern Lights? How is it formed?

What are the Northern Lights? How is it formed?

Northern lights, which create a magnificent image in the sky, are also known as aurora lights. These natural glows are named after the Dawn Goddess, Aurora. When it forms in the sky, it looks like a cloud, arc, line or circular colored shapes. In ancient times, people who saw the northern lights believed that it was a sign from God. In fact, paintings depicting the northern lights drawn by humans 30,000 years ago have been found on cave ceilings in southern France. So what are the northern lights? How are the northern lights formed? Here are the details…

The northern lights are most visible during the equinoxes. The clear and cloudless weather facilitates the view. Also, the northern lights are not visible from every region. Northern Canada is one of the best places to see the northern lights. Especially between October and March, the northern lights can be easily observed. Another country where this natural phenomenon is observed is Russia. The state of Alaska in the United States is also among the most ideal places. Northern lights can be seen easily both due to the location of the region and due to the clear sky. We have compiled for you the things that are curious about the northern lights…

What are the Northern Lights? How Are the Northern Lights Formed?

Northern lights are natural glows seen in the sky in polar regions. The Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles from the Sun interact to form the northern lights.

It is the Sun that produces these lights. As a result of explosions in the sun, large masses are thrown into space. At the same time, the eruptions cause solar winds to form. Thanks to these winds, particles in space move at high speed and are blown towards the earth. Although Earth’s magnetic field deflects most charged particles out of Earth, some electro and protons enter the atmosphere. These particles collide with nitrogen and oxygen gases in the atmosphere. These molecules then gain energy and emit photons as they return to their own energy. These emitted photons are quite large and appear as a light show from the earth.

The reason why the northern lights are formed in different colors is related to the Sun and particles in the atmosphere. When these particles from the sun collide with oxygen molecules, they produce green or red light. If it collides with nitrogen molecules, shades of blue and purple lights are formed. The most common pale yellowish color in northern lights is also related to oxygen molecules.

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