We Learn the Baseball We See and Wonder in the Movies!

We Learn the Baseball We See and Wonder in the Movies!

Baseball is a very popular game especially in America, Japan and S. Korea. Although we do not know the rules and the way of playing this game, which we are accustomed to seeing in almost every American film, we cannot help watching its films with the message it gives and the motivation they contain. In this content, we have compiled information about how baseball is played for you. Millet to the beginning of other sports that we do not know much about.

1. The baseball field is divided into indoor and outdoor areas.

In the inner area, there are 4 castles (base) on a square area of ​​27.4 meters on each side, which resembles a slice of lozenge. One of these castles is the number castle. After the point goal, the rooks are lined up from 1 to 3 in an anti-clockwise direction.

2. Baseball, in which the team that scores more points wins, is played with nine players each.

2. Daha fazla sayı üreten takımın galip geldiği beyzbol, dokuzar oyuncuyla oynanmaktadır.

Competitions also consist of 9 rounds. The away team starts the match first and they have the right to attack in turn.

3. In the middle of the inner area, there is a mound called the pitcher mound.

3. İç alanın tam ortasında Top atıcı(pitcher) tümseği denilen bir tümsek vardır.

The roads between the forts and castles and the launching mound are dirt, other areas are grass. The distance between the pitcher and the batter is 18.4 meters.

4. The masked player behind the kicker is called the catcher.

4. Vurucunun arkasındaki maskeli oyuncuya yakalayıcı(catcher) denir.

He also has a large ball-catching glove in his hand.

5. The ball thrower and catcher try to dismiss the kicker, and the kicker tries to break through the goals and score.

Each player of the attacking team takes turns coming to the goal and tries to hit the ball with the bat (bat) which the ball thrower throws at the catcher standing behind the goal goal. The referee standing just behind the catcher decides whether the ball is thrown properly or not.

6. The ball thrower throws the ball and the opposing team’s kicker tries to send it to the long distance by hitting the ball with all his might with his stick.

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The inability of the kicker to hit a ball that is in order is called a “strike”. The striker who “strikes” 3 times loses his right and remains out of the game (strikeout).

7. When the ball thrower cannot throw the ball properly, it is called “ball”.

If the shooter hits the ball 4 times, his opponent, the kicker, has the right to walk to the first base.

8. The player who hits with the stick in his hand throws the stick and runs to the first goal.

The players of the defending team also try to catch the ball and deliver it to the goalkeepers.

9. The kicker may run to other goals until the players of the opposing team deliver the ball to the goalkeepers.

The kicker scores if he can run all three goals and return to where he kicked until the ball comes back.

10. If the goalkeeper catches the ball thrown by his friends while one foot is in the goal, before the shooter reaches the goal, the shooter is out of play.

11. If the ball caught by the defense hits the defender while running between two goals, the running player is out of play (Off base).

The player on whom the defender touches the ball while running is also out of the game.

12. If the opposing team catches the ball in the air, the kicker is again out of play (flyout).

The team whose three players are out of the game loses its right to attack and goes to the defense regardless of the number of players in the goal.

13. If the kicker can send the ball outside the fence, this is also called a home run.

In such a position, the kicker runs freely and completes the field goal, as the ball has no chance of coming back.

14. If there are teammates who have taken place in other rooks before them, they also participate in the point round.

The greatest benefit a batsman can bring to his team is the point round. Because in a normal run, a hitter can score only one point, while in the scoring lap, the more runners on the field, the more points he will score.

15. A half is completed when both teams attack once.

15. Her iki takım da birer defa hücum yaptıklarında bir devre tamamlanmış olur.

The team with the most points after nine innings wins. If there is a tie, the match is extended for a continuous period until one team finishes ahead.

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