War Has No Gender Race or Religion

War Has No Gender Race or Religion

Our awakening to occupation and war in the 21st century means, to say the least, the continuation of barbarism. While everything in the world turns into a monolithic life form in the light of technological and scientific developments and inventions, it seems inconceivable to me that someone creates made-up border fights and turns ego warfare into bombardment.

It didn’t start in Ukraine, it’s not the first we’ve seen; It doesn’t look like it will be the last.

The Middle East has been scorched for years and cannot find an ointment, inside or out. Before that, there were the Balkans, which the world did not see worth watching despite the brutality. Fortunately, today, social media does everything that the dysfunctional media should do and creates public opinion. We can meet the realities, the real dimensions of the tragedy. Although we may not be pleased to meet you… Let’s come to the disgusting men’s jokes that the Eastern Slavs, or rather their women, have been the stuff of for years. “Is that all we care about in this environment?” There will be those who will say, “I wish this was all we had to worry about”; This is a more important and humiliating problem than you might think. to your attention.

women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; They are women whose physical characteristics are different and admired. But their making use of mean jokes; It started because of the generalization of the jobs they had to do despite their diplomas, good education and social class they belonged to. They were not born for prostitution from their mothers, but fell into great misery with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Moreover, those years are gone. I consider even such a statement to be unfair on their behalf. Because I don’t think you have the right to humiliate any prostitute anywhere in the world.

Again, they are going through a terrible time, and they are being tested with their families, lives and property. Moreover, they face the risk of being landless. It is almost as if the fate of the women of that time was experienced in a different way today by their children. The same desperation, the same uncertainty… And the last thing needed in the shadow of the bombs, in the darkness of the bunkers; drooling, undeveloped men’s bullshit. I can’t say it’s a joke, it would be a shame for jokers. The world needs to pay attention to what comes out of the mouth of the whole world, regardless of male or female. Because language is many things. He betrays you even if you don’t want to. It shapes your future whether you realize it or not. He can insidiously legitimize many crimes.

Even if it is a school of looking at people only as a human being and seeing them beyond a gender, a religion or a language…

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