Want to Learn Your New Zodiac Sign?

Want to Learn Your New Zodiac Sign?

Don’t ask what the zodiac signs are doing in the science corner.

It is true that astrology is not a branch of science like astronomy. Astronomy is a discipline that studies the movement and position of all kinds of celestial bodies in space, and yes, astrology makes predictions about the daily life practices of human beings based on the positions of celestial bodies.

The main issue I want to emphasize here is:

Although astrology is reduced to daily horoscope interpretations and becomes a field open to abuse, we cannot ignore the effects of very massive objects in the sky on us.

Astroloji her ne kadar günlük burç yorumlarına indirgense ve suiistimale açık bir alan haline gelse de gökyüzündeki çok büyük kütleli cisimlerin üzerimizdeki etkilerini yadsıyamayız.

It is useful to briefly explain gravity here.

This force, which many scientists have been thinking about for centuries, from Newton to Einstein, is effective on all objects with mass. In fact, we are constantly exposed to gravity, from the mobile phone we hold in our hands to the computer sitting on our desk.

“Well, why don’t we feel this pull?”

You can say. The reason is that the gravity of these masses cannot be felt. It is not possible for us to feel a force equal to the weight of a mosquito, but there is a force that we feel every moment, thanks to which we do not quickly scatter into space.

Gravity force!

We feel this force every second, right?

Because the mass of our world is so great that it pulls us towards its center like a magnet. If we lived on a larger planet, it would attract more and it would be difficult for us to even walk. (I highly recommend the movie “interstellar” to make this a feast.) Or vice versa, if we were on a planet or satellite with a smaller mass than Earth, it would pull us towards it less. Let’s remember Neil Armstrong, who set foot on our moon for the first time in 1969. Here again, I recommend the first man on the Moon movie.) The astronauts were flying on the moon because the gravity of our satellite is very small compared to our blue planet.

In short, huge masses in the sky are effective on us. The tide event is one of the most concrete examples of this.

Hülasa gökyüzündeki kocaman kütleler bizim üzerimizde etkilidir. Gel-git olayı da buna en somut örneklerdendir.

At this point, I personally think that the positions of the celestial bodies also affect our character, and I believe that their positions at the time of birth also make a difference in our personality. One of the issues objected to by scientists who do not believe in this is the fact that the distance is too much and the thought that the mentioned constellations will not have any effect from this distance. Because gravity increases in direct proportion to mass and decreases inversely proportionally to the square of the distance.

To put it simply, as a physicist, I believe in the influence of the celestial bodies in the Zodiac constellation and the signs on us, and as a result of the surveys, I see that most of us are interested in the signs. For example, according to one of the surveys, 90 percent of people know which zodiac sign is based on their date of birth.

But I think most of us are wrong.

In this article, I would like to tell you scientifically why our horoscopes should be updated today.

First of all, we should know that the sky is stable, not static, but moving. All the celestial bodies you can think of are in motion at very high speeds in space without stopping.

Even our world!

Yes, our world also travels in space at high speed, but we do not feel it. As a result of this activity, there are now 13 zodiac signs, not 12, as determined by the Babylonians 3000 years ago. As a result of the zodiac shifting 36 degrees west, the date range of our signs has also changed. For example, Vega star will be our north star instead of the Polestar, which facilitates us in finding directions.

Anyway, back to our topic,

As a result of the orbital oscillation, the Zodiac is now shifted westward in the sky at an angle of 36 degrees. As a result, as I just mentioned, the Zodiac includes 13 constellations instead of 12. This means that there is another new zodiac sign.

His name is Snake!

Source: https://onedio.com/ Burçak Yüce


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