This is how you can survive one day at sea!

This is how you can survive one day at sea!

You have to be prepared for life’s ups and downs.

Jose Salvador Alvarengo was fishing off the coast of Mexico in late 2012 when a violent storm hurled his boat offshore. Marshall Island residents found the battered boat stuck on a reef almost 16 months later. Alvarenga was still alive. He survived (or at least that’s what he told the press) by drinking rainwater and eating fish and turtles. Wondering how DIYers can fend off disasters, we asked Frances and Michael Howorth, authors of The Sea Survival Manual.

Prevention: Do not throw away any of your clothes. Stacking clothes can keep you warm on cold nights. When the weather is hot, you can hang clothes for shade.

Water: Never drink sea water. If you have a raincoat, detach the hood and use it to collect rainwater. Nylon bags and rain boots also make perfect containers. To remove sea salt, always wash the inside of the container with the first raindrops.

Food: The shade of a boat can attract fish. You can use jewelry or smartphone parts as bait to catch fish. Shoe laces or sock elastics can also replace fishing line. You can feed the part of the fish that you do not eat.

Escape: Relax and look for familiar shapes in the clouds to avoid boredom. Keep your eyes on planes and ships. If you come across a ship or plane, you can reflect sunlight with a pocket mirror or smartphone screen. Outdoors, this reflection can be seen from 20 kilometers away.


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