The World’s Strongest Emotion

The World’s Strongest Emotion The Biological Meaning of Love 

Valentine’s Day is approaching. The most beautiful, strongest and most complex emotion in the world. Of course we are talking about love. We take a look at the scientific reasons for this feeling, which is very beautiful for some and makes life difficult for others.etiket

Redness of the Cheeks

Yanakların Kızarması

We blush when we see the person we like. This is due to increased heart rate and adrenaline secretion. Thus, the blood flow pumped in the veins accelerates and the amount of oxygen in the blood increases. This causes you to look red.

Why do women use blush when blushing is embarrassing? Reply; to show potential partners the attractiveness and fertility of youth.

Butterflies in the stomach

Midede Kelebeklerin Uçuşması

There is no one who does not experience this feeling. It is both a beautiful and a very unsettling feeling. It’s the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response in stressful situations. Again, adrenaline makes your heart race. Because in case of escape, you may have to run fast. Your body prepares you for it. The brain changes the blood flow to different parts of the body, which causes the muscles around organs like the stomach to contract. The body gives this reaction in very dramatic situations, perceiving the person you love as someone who will physically harm you.



While there is no conclusive evidence, it’s thought that kissing helps us confuse our pheromones because it brings faces so close. Thus, the parties have biological information that tells them whether they can make quality babies.

Enlargement of Pupils

Göz Bebeklerinin Büyümesi

When you fall in love, your pupils dilate. This is an involuntary state caused by the autonomic nervous system. Hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin also dilate the pupils. Large pupils make a person look more attractive. This proves that there is an evolutionary function that promotes sexual attraction.



Why does everyone like to hug? It is a fact that hugging is different from classical physical contact. This is because we release the hormone oxytocin while hugging. This hormone allows us to bond with the person we hug. Just like a mother and her baby.

Syncing Heartbeats

Kalp Atışlarının Senkronizasyonu

When people in love look at each other for 3 minutes, their heart rhythms begin to beat in sync. You might think this is a myth swirling around on social media, but science says it’s true.

Drug Effect

Uyuşturucu Etkisi

Even those who have never used drugs know that love is dope. Studies show that the brain reactions of love are the same as cocaine. Both simultaneously stimulate 12 different points of the brain and stimulate the feeling of exuberant happiness; information that reveals how similar they are.

Increasing Creativity and Inspiration

Love and sex increase human creativity. This is because the brain operates different functions. We can also call it the opening of perceptions.


Kalp Kırılması

When you were very sad and unhappy, did you feel that your heart really hurt, tightened, felt like it was pouring out? This is something caused by the anterior cingulate cortex in the brain. It becomes extra active and regulates our emotions, while stimulating the vagus nerve in the chest and abdomen. Studies show that there is a strong similarity between heartache from sadness and a heart attack.

The Effect of Holding Hands

El Ele Tutuşmanın Etkisi

When lovers hold hands, if one of the parties has a problem, it allows them to get away from him and relax. Studies show that long-term couples hold hands; It is beneficial in terms of reducing and coping with a stressful situation experienced by the parties.

Love is the Center of Life ❤️

Aşk Hayatın Merkezi ❤️

The result of 80 years of research at Harvard University shows that people spend their lives looking for or around love. Love is at the center of life, everything else is around it.






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