The world’s largest and most Advanced Space Telescope

The world’s largest and most advanced space telescope lasted nearly 20 years
It was unveiled after construction work.

While the telescope will provide scientists with new information about the formation of space, it will also provide an opportunity to search for traces of life on other planets.

John C. Mather, NASA astrophysiologist: “The James Webb Telescope is the product of 20 years of innovative work. We are opening up a whole new field in astronomy. We’re going to see things we couldn’t see before because this telescope is even more powerful than the amazing Hubble telescope.”

Important findings such as the acceleration of expansion of space were revealed thanks to the Hubble Telescope. The James Webb telescope will examine the 13.5 billion years of space history since the Big Bang.

John C. Mather, NASA astrophysiologist: “We want to know how we got here from the Big Bang. And I hope we find things that no one knew were there. What happened in the early times of space, before galaxies… Like how black holes were formed… We don’t know where black holes came from. So this is a very broad topic for scientists… We’ve recently learned a lot of surprising information about planets, and I think we’re going to learn even more.”

The James Webb Space Telescope is a joint effort of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.

Before the telescope is sent into space, it will undergo a series of sound and vibration tests to see if it can withstand rocket fire.

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