The Unique Sorceress Marie Laveau

The Unique Sorceress Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau, the Unique Sorceress Who Reaching Masses by Finding Voodoo Magic

Although the voodoo doll or magic appears in many movies and books, very few people know how this magic came about and by whom. So, who is Marie Laveau, the inventor of Voodoo, which is still not lost even today?

If there was a Voodoo queen, it was Marie Laveau, who was born in 1801 and grew up as a free black woman.

Eğer bir Voodoo kraliçesi varsa o da 1801 yılında doğan ve özgür bir siyahi olarak büyüyen Marie Laveau'ydu.

Laveau was luckier than the other blacks. Because he was born on the farm of a white politician, Charles Laveau. So he grew up more freely alongside other blacks.

As a young woman, she moved to New Orleans’ French Quarter as a hairdresser and respected Voodoo practitioner.

Genç bir kadın olduğunda bir kuaför ve saygın bir Voodoo uygulayıcısı olarak New Orleans'ın Fransız Mahallesi'ne taşındı

Laveu’s Voodoo was unique in that he was a devout Catholic who infused his practice with Christian beliefs such as the power of holy water, candles, and depictions of saints.

Although Laveau was black, she and her lover, businessman Glaipon, had at least seven slaves.

Laveau siyahi olmasına rağmen, o ve sevgilisi iş adamı Glaipon'un en az yedi kölesi vardı.

It is not known how these slaves were treated during their lifetime because they were black.

Not much is known about the legendary Voodoo queen, but her talents seemed to have emerged naturally from her hairdressing days, when she heard the confessions and troubles of wealthy clients and offered her own wise advice.

Efsanevi Voodoo kraliçesi hakkında pek bir şey bilinmiyor, ancak yetenekleri, zengin müşterilerinin itiraflarını ve sıkıntılarını duyduğu ve kendi bilge tavsiyesini sunduğu kuaförlük günlerinden doğal olarak ortaya çıkmış gibiydi.

On Sundays Laveau would go to Congo Square, the city’s most inseparable area, where people of all races and classes mingled together, to sell talismans and hold rituals and readings for their enchanted clients.

Eventually, Laveau went to Maison Blanche, an underground Voodoo club where he held more elaborate shows and built a larger following.

Sonunda Laveau, daha ayrıntılı şovlar düzenlediği ve daha büyük bir takipçi grubu oluşturduğu bir yeraltı Voodoo kulübü olan Maison Blanche'a gitti.

st. He had a large enough fan base to host him in his own stately home on Ann Street.

Music, singing, and dancing were also essential elements of Laveau’s spiritual performances.

Müzik, şarkı söyleme ve dans da Laveau'nun manevi performanslarının temel unsurlarıydı.

Laveau’s talents were not limited to this, she worked to learn herbs, develop treatments for diseases, and became a volunteer nurse for yellow fever patients.

Although he was the inventor of Laveau Voodoo, he avoided its practice, discouraging Christians from participating in rituals.

Still, with or without Laveau’s supernatural powers, he certainly had the power to give good advice that made him a valuable part of the New Orleans community and transported him to the pages of local history.






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