The Song Playing in Your Head Helps You Remember

The Song Playing in Your Head Helps You Remember

If you have watched TV since the 1990s, the music of the Snake Story series or the TV Shows That Will Be It or Rating Hamdi has been stuck in your head at some point. These experiences are more than just a passing nuisance, suggests a new study from the University of California, Davis. These songs playing in our heads are not just memories associated with the song; it also plays an important role in the formation of memories of the events in the series. The Song Playing in Your Head Helps You Remember

“Scientists have known for some time that music evokes autobiographical memories and that emotional experiences with music are among the memories people hold most dear,” said Petr Janata, co-author of the study and professor of psychology.

“But how these memories were formed in the first place, and how they were so durable, was not understood until now. Hearing just part of a song can trigger vivid memories,” says Janata.

New research, which offers a primal look at these processes, shows that the songs that pop into your head help in the process of reinforcing memories when they first form. So it’s the first research to link the two most common music-related experiences people have—the song stuck in our head and the music-induced recall.

According to the results of the research, the more often a melody plays in one’s head, the more accurate the memories of the melody, and the more details are remembered about a particular segment of the movie that matches the melody.

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Author: Karen Nikos-Rose/Davis – University of California.
Photo: srk_alnt

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