The Secret Death of the People’s Princess Diana

The Secret Death of the People’s Princess Diana

The sudden death of Princess Diana was an event that shook the whole world. Even today, this ‘strange’ death, which is still on the agenda and conspiracy theories are rampant, was it really an accident or was it the game of the royal? Here are the details of the death, the mystery of which can never be solved… The people’s princess Diana entered our lives in 1981 as the wife of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. Prince Charles had been in love with a married woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles for a long time, and as Lady Diana said, this marriage was ‘three people’. Unable to stand her husband’s self-deception and lovelessness any longer, Diana did something the royal would never approve of and gave an interview about her private life.

But something happened that the royal family did not expect at all.

While Prince Charles, who would become King of the United Kingdom a few years later, never caught the attention of the media, Princess Diana was now the focus of all the media, despite being a free woman. In other words, it was an undesirable situation for the royal. Diana, who started to have a love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan after the divorce, could not find happiness in this relationship either. After leaving Khan with a broken heart, Diana finally started living with the love he sought, Dodi Al Fayed. After years, Diana, who finally smiled about love, of course became the center of attention of all the media.While the couple’s relationship was progressing perfectly, the couple, who preferred Paris for their vacation, did not know that they were going to die while leaving the Ritz Hotel.

Because both the duo and their driver would die a few minutes after leaving the hotel.

Diana and Dodi, who were last seen on the camera of the elevator of the Ritz Hotel on August 31, 1997, died in an accident in the tunnel they entered, on the grounds that their driver was drunk. Well, was this accident, which allegedly happened with the driver being drunk, really an accident?Looking at the hotel check-out footage, there is no indication that the driver was drunk.In addition, in an inexplicable way, a driver change is made at the last moment. Since the accident took place in a tunnel, no one knows what’s going on inside. The Secret Death of the People’s Princess Diana The Secret Death of the People’s Princess Diana

So the accident may not have happened as stated.

Although it is written in the accident report that the two had an accident while escaping from the paparazzi, this news is also unfounded. Because they were on the road to double marriage, they never escaped from the tabloids. Although the only culprit is said to be the drunk driver in a statement given to the media, all other evidence of the accident is kept as an ‘official secret’ by the British government. So how many more details are unknown, it’s a complete mystery. The fact that the details of the Lady Diana accident were concealed by the royal naturally turned all arrows towards the queen.

Because Diana was doing everything that could harm the royal family. While rumors that she was pregnant with Dodi and the news that she would marry were interpreted as a sibling threat to William, who would become the king of England in the future, Diana would have started to act in movies if she had lived a little longer. Three years after Diana’s death, photographer James Andason, who photographed every moment of her, was found dead in his burned car, further strengthening the claim that the royal had assassinated Diana. Because Andason was in the process of preparing a very comprehensive book about Diana.

Although it is still unknown whether it was an accident or murder, death reports show that Diana’s death is a complete doubt.



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