The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe

1. Although she died of an overdose, no medicine was found in her stomach.

According to the coroner’s report, Marilyn Monroe overdosed by swallowing more than 40 Nembutal pills. However, no drugs were found in his stomach. According to Thomas Noguchi’s second explanation, Marilyn Monroe was an addict. Because of the drugs he used before, the drugs were digested more quickly.

Of course, according to conspiracy theories, the drugs that could not be found in his stomach indicate that he was killed and covered up by the FBI, CIA or his own servant.

2. His autopsy was never completed because his organs were destroyed.

Dr. Noguchi was in charge of the autopsy, but he didn’t have a lot of scrutiny on hand. When Monroe’s body arrived at the morgue, samples from his intestines and stomach were gone, he said. This affected the toxicology reports and led people to think that Marilyn did not commit suicide.

He says other organs have also been sent to toxicology but never been tested. Monroe’s only places tested were his liver and blood samples.

3. It turned out that the night he died, his maid was washing the sheets.

3. Öldüğü gece hizmetçisinin çarşafları yıkadığı ortaya çıktı.

Jack Clemmons of the Los Angeles Police Department was the first to arrive on the scene. Among her writings about the event is that the maid was doing the laundry when she arrived. She also noted that the maid Eunice Murray behaved strangely and gave evasive answers when questioned.

Detective Robert E. Byron, who was the second to arrive at the scene, also said he did not think the maid was a reliable witness.

According to the theory, Murray’s behavior indicates an inappropriate and suspicious situation. Perhaps the maid knew more.

4. He left an ominous message before his death.

4. Ölümünden önce kaygı verici bir mesaj bırakmıştı.

Monroe made phone calls to too many people the night he died. One of them is Peter Lawford, brother-in-law of John F. Kennedy. According to Lawford, Monroe was under the influence of drugs and said: ‘Say goodbye to Patricia, goodbye to the president, and goodbye to yourself, because you’re a good man.’ Hearing this, Lawford was worried about Monroe and sent several people to check on him. When Monroe’s lawyer called the house, he spoke to the maid and she said that Marilyn was fine.

5. Conspiracy theories created on his death did not gain importance until the 1970s.

Norman Mailer’s biography was one of the first sources to claim that Monroe was murdered. In the biography written by Frank A. Capell in the 1960s, it was claimed that Monroe was killed by the communists. However, these theories began to attract attention with Mailer’s biography published in 1973. Mailer was also the first to write that Monroe had an affair with Robert Kennedy.

When questioned as to what he was talking about about Robert Kennedy, he said he needed the money back then. On top of Mailer’s allegations, another biographer, Robert F. Slatzer, also claimed that Monroe was murdered by the attorney general. Reportedly, Monroe was threatening to reveal publicly the state secrets shared by RFK.

In 1975, a journalist named Anthony Scaduto published an article claiming that Monroe had been killed by the Kennedy brothers and that he had a red notebook in which he kept state secrets.

6. Yalnızca 30 dakika içerisinde 'mutlu'dan 'ölüm döşeği'ne geldi.

Monroe received a call from Joe DiMaggio, Jr. between 7:00 PM and 7:15 PM. According to Joe and later his maid, he gave a very cheerful speech and was not in a stressful mood.

Monroe received her last call that night from Peter Lawford, it was around 7:40-45 PM. According to Lawford, what she was saying during the conversation was almost incomprehensible and Marilyn felt tainted.

That was the strangest part of this case, according to the coroner. A woman who completely lost her cheerful demeanor and committed suicide in 30 minutes…

7. The police were not the first to be informed of his death.

Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson and his physician, Dr. Police were notified after Hyman Engelberg arrived at the house. The Los Angeles Police Department was notified at 4:25, an hour and a half after Monroe was found dead by her maid at 3:00. During this hour and a half, Eunice Murray, Dr. Greenson and Dr. Engelberg was alone at home.

When questioned by Jack Clemmons, Dr. Greenson: ‘I needed to get permission from the advertising department before I let anyone know.’ said.

8. The case was almost reopened in 1982.

After the conspiracy theories raged around, a new file was prepared. It took three and a half months to prepare and consisted of 29 pages. Los Angeles Attorney General John Van de Kamp has requested a re-examination of the case. After much investigation, Van de Kamp decided that Monroe was not murdered, and based on the evidence they had, Monroe either committed suicide or accidentally overdosed. Monroe’s emotional confusion may have led him to unconscious drug use. The attorney general said that there was no need for further interrogation and that reopening the case was unnecessary.

9. The maid’s expression changed frequently.

Eunice Murray’s expression changed often that night. At first he woke up around 3:00 am, suspecting the light coming from Monroe’s room, and Dr. He said he called Greenson. But Jack Clemmons told Murray that Dr. He stated that he said he called Greenson in the middle of the night, and that he changed his expression the moment he spoke to another detective.

Those who claimed to have received the news of Monroe’s death at midnight are Peter Lawford and Monroe’s lawyer Milton Rudin, who also told him about Dr. Greenson did.

Of course, these inconsistencies in time were later interpreted as the time Murray and Greenson spent covering up the murder.

10. He would have married 3 days later if he had not died.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were originally married on January 14, 1954, but their marriage lasted 274 days. They divorced in October 1954. They remained friends over the years, Monroe was hospitalized in 1961 and sought DiMaggio’s help to be released. According to biographers Norman Mailer and Donald Spoto, they would marry on August 8, 1962. After his untimely death, DiMaggio sent roses to his grave several times a week for 20 years.

11. Joe DiMaggio held his funeral.

DiMaggio was devastated by Monroe’s death. He meticulously designed the funeral of the beautiful actor, not inviting most Hollywood actors, and held a private ceremony. Names such as Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford were not invited to the ceremony, which was attended by about 30 people. DiMaggio blamed these people for negatively affecting Monroe’s mental health.

The actress, who was buried in a green Emilio Pucci dress, also did her makeup, one last time, with long-time makeup artist Whitey Synder.

12. After his death, his friends fought over advertising rights and royalties.

In his will, he wanted most of his wealth to go to his acting teacher, Lee Strasberg. At this point, Inez Melson, Monroe’s longtime manager, claimed that Strasberg had trapped Monroe, in fact, his assets should be left to him. The judge refused this request and Strasberg got his share.

Monroe requested that most of her personal items be given to her close friends and family, but some of her friends never got access to them. The real problem began with Strasberg’s death in 1982, when his wife put Monroe’s belongings up for sale and earned $20 to $30 million. Despite lawsuits filed to prevent this, Anna Strasberg withheld her husband’s inherited items and advertising rights.

Oh beautiful woman! Your death is full of mysteries…

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