The Latest on the Kanye – Taylor Battle

The Latest on the Kanye – Taylor Battle

It’s Getting Heat, The Laundry Is Spilled: The Latest In The Kanye-Taylor Fight

The tension between Kanye West and Taylor Swift has peaked this time around. Now there are third or even fourth persons involved.

If you are ready, let’s start backbiting. You will love this whirlpool of intrigue…

She must have thought, “I won’t make my husband eat her”, because this time Kim Kardashian joined in.

"Kocamı yedirtmem" diye düşünmüş olmalı ki, bu sefer işin içine Kim Kardashian da katıldı.

Of course, if Kim also joined, that means officially ‘war’!

Now let’s take a look at the beginning of our backbiting chain of intrigue: There is no one who does not know the eventful past of Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

Şimdi gıybet dolu entrika zincirimizin ilk başına bakalım: Kanye West ile Taylor Swift'in olaylı geçmişini zaten bilmeyen yoktur.

They seemed to reconcile afterwards, but there was no clear statement from either side.

Sonradan barışır gibi oldular lakin iki taraftan da net bir açıklama gelmedi.

Although the branch forgave the wind, it was broken once… Kanye, who shamed Taylor greatly, continued to be one of the most hated names among celebrities. Taylor, on the other hand, was collecting awards as an innocent girl.

In fact, in his speech while Taylor was receiving the award, he insulted Kanye West by saying, “You will have internal and external enemies,” just like Atatürk’s address to the youth.

Hatta Taylor ödül alırken yaptığı konuşmasında, adeta Atatürk'ün gençliğe hitabesindeki gibi "Dahili ve harici düşmanların olacaktır" diyerek Kanye West'e laf soktu.

After this move, we were sure that things were not getting better with Kanye. Once again, Taylor has won applause and hearts.

Then the video of the event emerged. We were wondering how many people would be sued by Kanye for this video of him posing naked on the bed with celebrities…

Taylor only commented on the lyrics as “misogynistic and insulting”.

Because not only the clip, but also the lyrics of the song were very harsh for Taylor.

“There’s still a chance I could have sex with Taylor, I made that bitch famous,” Kanye said. Of course, anyone would be angry with these lyrics!

In any case, Taylor’s agenda was already quite busy with the events in his private life, he did not have much to worry about Kanye.

Let’s come to the Kardashian front… Kim Kardashian gave the signal that she would get involved in this fight with a tweet she wrote as a way to insult Taylor.

Gelelim Kardashian cephesine... Kim Kardashian bu kavgaya karışacağının sinyalini Taylor'a laf sokmak mahiyetinde yazdığı tweet ile verdi.

Even Kendall got involved and she threw a snake emoji. This part is important because Kendall is the key name in the friendship relations part of this society: she has a friendship with Taylor!

Hatta işin içine Kendall da katıldı ve o da yılan emojisi attı. Bu kısım önemli çünkü bu cemiyetin arkadaşlık ilişkileri kısmında Kendall anahtar isim: Taylor ile arkadaşlığı var!

So Kendall chose his side.

However, Kendall can’t claim that Taylor is insignificant and that Kanye made her famous even if she wanted to, because there is also such a video that she shot with her Kardashian girls to the song Taylor Swift when she was younger.

These were always the little signals before the storm. Kim Kardashian detonated the real bomb yesterday: Kanye West was talking to Taylor on the phone before recording the song Famous, in which he taunts Taylor.

The real bombshell is that this phone call was made before Taylor’s awards night speech, in which he threw a lot of words at Kanye …

İşin asıl bomba kısmı, bu telefon görüşmesinin Taylor'ın Kanye'ye bol bol laf soktuğu ödül gecesi konuşmasından önce yapılmış olması...

As if it was absurd to think that Kanye had made a woman famous for the album that sold so many awards, it was just as absurd for Taylor to act like she was still very offended by this situation…

In other words, until the Famous song exploded, they were actually on good terms, and they were talking laughingly… These were always hidden from us!

The fact that Taylor didn’t reveal that they had made up meant that she was still using the incident to her advantage.

Through social media, Taylor began to be accused of lying.

Taylor also officially explained: “I’ve never denied having a conversation like that between us, but I didn’t know you were going to use the word ‘Bitch,’ that’s the part I was upset about anyway.” said.

Taylor da resmi olarak açıkladı: "Aramızda böyle bir konuşmanın geçtiğini hiç inkar etmedim, fakat 'Kaltak' kelimesini kullanacağını bilmiyordum, zaten bozulduğum kısım buydu." dedi.

Taylor is also quite right; Kanye was saying on the phone that he would ‘love the song’. Taylor believed it, too, and stated that she saw it as a compliment.

The word ‘Bitch’ doesn’t really appear in the video at all. Of course, Taylor didn’t like being called a ‘bitch’ in front of the world.

We don’t even mention the nudity in the video…

This event looks like it will last longer. For now, the clearest thing is: how dangerous the couple Kim and Kanye are!

Bu olay daha da uzayacak gibi duruyor. Şimdilik ise en net şey: Kim ve Kanye çiftinin ne kadar da tehlikeli olduğu!






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