The history of football: its emergence and development

The history of football: its emergence and development

There is no clear document showing the date and place of the emergence of world football, today’s most popular sport. However, most historians agree that this ball game has been played in some form for at least more than 3,000 years. Developed for the first time in England, modern football has its origins in the ancient ball game played in China, Japan, Egypt and Greece.

The invention of football
The game of football has been shaped throughout history and has come to the present day. China was the first to invent football in 5000 BC. They called this ancient ball game Cuju. This game, also known as Tsu Chu, was basically football. Tsu means “to kick the ball with the foot” and Chu means “stuffed leather ball”. With Tsu Chu, handling the ball was not allowed during the game, like today’s football. There is concrete evidence that in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC, Han Dynasty soldiers played the game called “Tsu Chu”, in which a leather ball stuffed with fur was kicked into a small hole. It was tried to hit a 30-40 cm opening with a net inside the ball.

By 2500 BC, III. There was a type of ball game played by young women in Egypt during the Baket era, because drawings of this sport are depicted in Baket’s tomb. Although not much is known about the sport, it is clearly seen that he is playing with a ball.

Episkiros football in ancient Greece.

In 1000 BC, the Japanese called this game “Kemari”. Much like today’s hacky sack, it was played with two to twelve players and used a larger ball filled with sawdust. The field on which Kemari was played was called kakari and was 15 square meters in size. In each corner of the field were four trees: cherry, maple, pine and willow. But bamboo could also be used and is so today.

In Ancient Greece, dating back to BC, a game called Episkiros was played. Two teams of equal players would try to throw the ball over the other team’s head. There was a white line between the teams and another white line behind each team. When one team crossed the last line behind them, the ball would pass to the other team.

In 50 BC, Chinese Tsu Chu players and Japanese Kemari players united and developed their own international game of football. The first clear evidence of such a game being played is the match in 611 AD.

In 600 AD, the first rubber ball was invented in Mexico and Central America. The ball was played in the shape of the letter “I”, on a recessed, 12-15 meter field. A stone or wooden ring is fixed in the middle of each wall and the purpose is to prevent the hard rubber ball from passing through the ring. The game continued to be played until the 1600s.

A bloody game
The first football game was played in Britain in the 700s and its origin story is odd. Natives in eastern England celebrated by kicking the severed head of the Danish prince they had defeated in battle. This type of celebration continued in the following years. However, these games were extremely violent; it wouldn’t be uncommon to get hurt and die.

By 1331 this barbarian celebration game was still popular in Britain. King of England III. Edward passed legislation to stop the game on this date. More than a century later, King James I of Scotland enacted the same ban in 1424.

In 1500, “calcio” was played with teams of more than 27 people in Italy. The game involved kicking, carrying or passing a ball over the goal line. Giovanni Bardi published the rules of the game called calcio in 1580. Before that, Queen Elizabeth I of England had banned football in 1572. Those who played would reportedly be sentenced to a week in prison, followed by penance at the church. The reason was that the rule was not followed and the game was played on Sunday, the holy rest day.

In 1600, indigenous Eskimos in Alaska and Canada played a game called aqsaqtuk on ice with balls filled with grass, caribou feathers, and moss. In a legend, it is stated that two villages play with targets that are 15 km away from each other.

Football was legalized again in England in 1605. In 1620, native Indians living in Jamestown, North America, played a game called “pasuckuakohowog”, which means “gathering with the feet to play ball.” The field was 800 meters wide and the goal goals were 1.6 away. There would be 1000 players on the field at a time.

In 1815, Eton College in England established the rules for football. In 1820, football came to the United States and was played between Northeastern University and colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Amherst, and Brown.


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