The Bermuda Triangle One of History’s Greatest Mysteries

A New ‘Secret’ Has Been Revealed About The Bermuda Triangle  One of History’s Greatest Mysteries!

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most important mysteries that humanity has not been able to solve throughout its history.

İnsanlığın tarihi boyunca çözemediği en önemli gizemlerden birisidir Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni.

While the scientific world can somehow respond to many contradictory myths, we have discovered very little about this mysterious region.

This is a strange geographical region about which dozens of movies have been made, which is the subject of ship or plane crashes and mysterious disappearances.

Hakkında onlarca film yapılan, sürekli gemi ya da uçak kazalarına ve esrarengiz kayıplara konu olan tuhaf bir coğrafi bölge burası.

All these incidents, which took place over 100 years, caused the loss of a total of 8127 people and the definition of the region as the “Devil’s Triangle”.

The first reports of this region are about 600 years ago, namely the 15th century.

Bu bölgenin ilk raporları ise yaklaşık 600 yıl önceye, yani 15. yüzyıla ait.

However, the most important report that caused the region to become so famous is the disappearance of the air fleet called Flight 19 in 1945, completely and without a trace.

The number of vehicles (sea and air) that disappeared without leaving a trace in this region is over 200.

Bu bölge üzerinde iz bırakmadan kaybolan araçların (deniz ve hava) adedi yaklaşık olarak 200’ün üzerinde.

And no explanation has been given about this region yet. In other words, let alone the lost planes, it was not possible to find even the ships here with underwater research, they were somehow “lost” in short.

While waiting for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle to disappear, another unexpected development took place last week.

Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni denilen bölge ile alakalı gizlerin ortadan kalkmasını beklerken, geçtiğimiz hafta beklenmeyen bir başka gelişme yaşandı.

In the region known as the Bermuda Triangle, an island that was not there before, as if ‘rising’ from the depths of the sea, suddenly appeared.

There is no definite and clear information about the sudden rise of this island.

Bu adanın bir anda yükselmesiyle alakalı kesin ve net bir bilgi henüz yok.

However, when we consider the conditions of that region and other ecological conditions, it is quite possible that the garbage and waste thrown by the local people living in that region into the sea and the beach is the reason why the island came into being all of a sudden.

‘How big can an island of garbage and waste be, brother?’ You may have said.

‘Çöple, atıkla oluşan ada ne kadar büyük olabilir ki kardeşim?” demiş olabilirsiniz.

However, the resulting island is about 1,600 km long and 120 meters wide.

So we are talking about a very big island…

Well, what will you do if you happen to be on your way to this island?

Peki, olur da bu adanın olduğu yere yolunuz düşerse ne yapacaksınız?

First of all, if the stories about the Bermuda Triangle are true, you probably won’t need to know anything about the island because you will die.

But no, if these stories are not true and you somehow manage to reach the island, your job is quite difficult, frankly.

Because of For this reason, it is useful to stay away from the area called the Bermuda Triangle and the resulting island.deep currents and methane emission in that region, you may have a difficult time.

Bu nedenle Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni olarak adlandırılan bölgeden ve ortaya çıkan adadan uzak durmakta fayda var.




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