Tarot Psychics And Fortune Telling

Tarot Psychics And Fortune Telling

Why are people so interested in fortune-tellers, psychics, tarot readers? Unfortunately, what psychics know best is not the future; is to make money.

What is the psychic power of psychics?
Psychics, fortune-tellers, coffee fortune tellers, astrological fortune-telling in newspapers, websites, books, new age associations and thousands of future predictors await around us at all times.

The municipality of New York provides itself with a good income thanks to the call lines of psychics. According to the information provided by the Associated Press, “He has trained the last 15 people to work on these lines, taught them to read tarot and predict the future, and hired them as a permanent staff of the municipality.”

Debbie Nathan, who has worked in the Hello psychic line, conveyed the background of this sector to us. His stories have also appeared in many magazines. Debbie is given detailed training on how to answer the phone. He then asks the caller’s name and date of birth; Although he says that the reason for doing this is whether he meets the age limit of 18, the main goal is to learn the zodiac sign of the caller. He continues as follows:

“I am a tarot reader. First I will do a general reading, then you will ask me specific questions. I’m confused now; hmmm… I’ll stop mixing the moment you say stop.” Usually we were too lazy to shuffle the papers. Then I would say to the caller:

“I feel an imbalance between your physical relationships and your inner world.”

So how did people believe this? Debbie explains: “People are so narcissistic and self-centered that they are utterly ignorant about what they and others have in common, their common desires, or feelings. ”

Why are people so attracted to fortune-tellers, psychics, tarotists? Because situations often arise in our lives where we don’t know what to do, and we seek help, insight, knowledge, advice, or hope for the future. We do not want to make a mistake, let there be such a person; We want to see the future and protect us from making these mistakes. We are afraid of making the wrong decision. But unfortunately, what psychics know best is not the future; is to make money.

Debbie’s job is to keep the caller on the line for as long as possible. A long tarot interpretation can take up to 55 minutes, which costs $211.

So, what does a New York City staff member earn as a telephone psychic? It seems that most of the money stays with the municipality, because for a $3.99-minute call the psychic only gets 25 cents.

“Psychic, fortune telling and tarot” what makes all this so powerful?
The fact that it is spread all over, that it is seen as a natural element due to this prevalence and that it is not strange, the desire to believe in people…

But is this the only way to spiritual help?
Is there something beyond ourselves to guide us?
Yes there is. How about someone who created the universe, who knows everything about you and your situation, whose wisdom is limitless and always true? We have God’s advice in writing: the Bible. Confused by what life brings you? You can ask God to show you what to do.

“I will train you, show you the way to go, give you advice, I have my eyes on you.”
Psalm 32:8

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