Surprising NFT move from Apple community rioted

Surprising NFT move from Apple community rioted

If the NFT market is included in the iOS applications, the sales must be made from within the application and Apple must cut 30 percent from the earnings.

The revenue sharing model in the application store, which has been among the most discussed issues to date, had to allow third-party payments with lawsuits filed in some countries. Still, he doesn’t give up his good-natured nature.

Blow to the NFT community from Apple
In the notification sent to the developers, Apple states that if an application has an NFT sale, it must be done within the application and included in the 30 percent income deduction. It may even exceed 30 percent under certain conditions. In other words, Apple wants to get a share from all kinds of NFT sales.

The NFT community thinks this move will stifle innovation. Epic Games, which is in a lawsuit with Apple, also states that by acting like this, Apple is blocking new technologies. That’s why he wants Apple to be stopped.

The sales that are included in the standard applications in the stores are generally the products directly within the scope of the developer and he shares with Apple. In NFT marketplaces, users make NFT sales among themselves. For example, there is user shopping on Opensea. Only commission is taken here. The interruption of the NFT price sold means a great loss for both Opensea and the collector.


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