Subnautica Review

Subnautica Review

The Subnautica game, which has taken the game world by storm, has been played on computer platforms recently. So, what kind of game is Subnautica, and are we satisfied as a result of our review? Here is the answer!
Today, we will share with you the results of our review about the Subnautica game, which was free on Epic Games for a while. Subnautica is a production that has elements that can give you a new perspective on the survival genre.

We start the game as a part of the crew of the spaceship that went to a different planet with a spaceship, but crashed into the sea as a result of an attack of unknown origin without landing on the planet.

We don’t know who our main character is and we play with a first-person camera angle. At the beginning of the game, after our ship is hit, we fall into any position with the escape cocoon.

The escape cocoon is a device that has the space of a tiny room, to keep you on the sea, and almost acts as a modern boat. You create and use your foods, drinks and even tools with the escape cocoon system. In this context, the escape cocoon seems to be the most basic need for you to hold on to life. Because you are on a planet that is almost completely covered by water.

The biggest difference of Subnautica compared to many other survival games is that it is a game that takes place entirely in water. You are trying to hold on to life in a tiny escape cocoon on a planet almost entirely covered with water. However, after a certain time in the game, you have to go outside and make various discoveries.

In Subnautica, you need to create the necessary equipment and even devices in order to explore more and descend into deeper waters with your character. For this, you need to collect various materials from the environment.

There are PDA data where you can learn what happened to the survivors who were dropped off at many points on the map. By collecting them, you can learn more about the story. At the same time, you learn how you can produce new technologies, what tools you need to collect in order to produce them, and you try to collect and combine those tools.

There is a radio in your escape cocoon in the game, and when a task comes to you in this radio, you can interact and go to the task place. The story generally works on this.

There are many different creatures unique to the planet you live in Subnautica. Each of these creatures has different characteristics. Some live in shallow waters, some live in deep waters, and some show aggressive behavior. Therefore, there are many elements in the game that will drain your life bar. You need to be careful at all times and be prepared for a possible attack while exploring. Because although there is a save system in the game, there are situations where you can lose your place and lose some of the items in your hand every time you die.

Your character has the capacity to carry inventory. There are some opportunities to increase this capacity. You can fill your stomach by catching and cooking the fish in the game, and as you progress through the game, you can manage to fill your stomach with different methods.

The game, in which you progress in a quiet and deep blue, gives you the desolation to the end. In this context, Subnautica, which has managed to offer a very realistic experience, definitely does not lag behind today’s games in terms of graphics quality.

The game, which does not offer a very intense pace in terms of story, shows this partly because of its style. Therefore, the game generally operates on the basis of discover and progress. You collect various tools and equipment, make new tools with them, and try to survive.

While playing the game, you will wonder how it will end many times and you will have a hard time predicting it. Of course, at this point, we will not give more information about the game in order to avoid spoilers. In general, we can say that it is a game that you will like and enjoy playing.

ttc review score: 10 / 9.2

What is the most outstanding feature?

Its biggest feature is that it offers an element of discovery, and that it can also offer the opportunity to explore the underwater world on a new planet. Although some games contain an open world, they cannot give you the feeling of exploration. Here is Subnautica, a game that gives you the opportunity to learn something new every time you play and inspires you to discover. At this point, if you want to play an exploration-oriented survival game, be sure to check it out. Because while playing, you will have a hard time understanding how time passes.



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