Shall We Open Schools With Queen Elizabeth?

Shall We Open Schools With Queen Elizabeth?

If there is anyone among us who thinks that the world that does not belong to Queen Elizabeth, will remain to her, let’s disperse!

Let me find myself making an introduction to the article by remembering that the world is mortal and death is sudden. What I will try to turn my pen to throughout the article will be the common point of Elizabeth’s lifestyle and the way our schools approach students. Let’s fasten our seat belts and dive into the 70-year-old throne adventure.

Queen II, who lived the last days of her 96-year life a few days ago, descended from the throne with her death, where she remained stable for 70 years and 214 days. Elizabeth’s departure, for some, “ohhh bee! For some, whoops!” it happened.

I thought I’d leave both sides alone and take a look at the Queen’s life.

Okay, I admit, I’m lost in their necklaces and tiaras. 🙂 I noticed something valuable among the things he couldn’t take with him while he was leaving, such as his specially designed clothes, the fact that he was the ruler of not one, not two, but exactly 14 countries, and his astonishing salary. The fact that any female head of state in history, who has achieved a first in the world with the contribution of these rules, which has rules and applies it consistently, has lived the longest term of presidency.

Now, let’s go back to our classrooms and guide our little ones, who started school like a bomb, how to get their energy flowing.

Since our aim is to produce successful classrooms, let’s listen to Wong and Harry. They say that the most successful classrooms are those in which the teacher clearly states what they expect from the students and what the students expect from the teacher.

In short, set a rule and do these 8 must-haves while doing it:

1. Make the rules together

2. Base your rules on a necessary reason

3. Make it meaningful and understandable

4. Be appropriate for the age and personality of the person you are addressing.

5. Keep the number of rules low

6. Choose positive expressions

7. Relate rules to observable behavior

8. Identify how these behaviors will be observed and share this with your students.

II. It is not known whether Elizabeth was so involved in the formation of royal rules, but she is certain of the fact that it is the continuity of the drops rather than the force of the water that pierces the stone. In this continuity, the teacher should follow the operation of the rules without hesitation, be consistent and impartial, and use appropriate reinforcement when and where necessary.

Hoping to start the new year with a queen-like manner.


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