See how Moonton optimizes MLBB matchmaking

See how Moonton optimizes MLBB matchmaking

Matching matters: see how Moonton is optimizing MLBB matchmaking
In the competitive world of multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA, balanced matchmaking is an important factor. For Mobile Legends, matchmaking is a big concern as it’s fair game. Players are dramatically affected when they match stronger teams or fight lower ranked teammates.

If you have been playing MLBB for a long time, you may have encountered a significant concern expressed by players regarding the quality of the matches. An obvious example of this is for ranked games. Let’s say an Epic player is paired with a Legend and a Mythic. This creates a disparity between opposing teams because the hero or emblem power can be quite high in the group with the highest ranked player (Mythic) compared to their lower ranked teammates (Epic). An ideal pairing would be:

Player Rating                                       Matchmaking order
Grandmaster All Grandmaster OR Grandmaster + Epic players
Epic Grandmaster + Epic OR all Epic OR only Epic + Legend players
Legend Legend + Epic OR all Legend OR only Legend + Mythic players
Mythic All Mythic OR only Legend + Mythic players

As part of the Operation Attention project, Moonton is collecting feedback for the Mobile Legends community to identify areas of improvement to improve the gaming experience. The following major matchmaking optimizations were integrated into the game during the last patch:

* Increased the effect of rank weight in the matchmaking algorithm, reducing the possibility of inter-rank or unbalanced matches.

*Improved matching algorithm. Solo players no longer match up with stronger, better grouped opponents (duos, trios, or even 5-man squads). Algorithm optimization pairs a duo + trio team with a trio + duo team to start a match. Teams of five will only face off against other teams of five.

*Added Medal Points to improve player’s accuracy in terms of individual skill level. This new factor covers three different ratings: overall, seasonal, and final battle points. This factor is then sent to the Elo algorithm to provide better matching.

*Better Star Upgrade / Protection points. The game outcome does not depend solely on matchmaking. Team cohesion, hero familiarity, and group strategy all contribute to the outcome of the match. Players who perform exceptionally well during gameplay are rewarded with extra Star Upgrade / Protection points to help them rank up.

To learn more about matchmaking optimization, watch the video here:

How has your gaming experience been with Mobile Legends so far? Let us know in the comments section. Good luck and fun games!


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