Secret of Youth Cell Detox

Secret of Youth Cell Detox

Quality life is the dream and desire of all of us. How good it sounds to stay fresh, active and full of energy. How we look with envy when we see individuals who look more vigorous and healthier than us. And we make the same comment, of course, he has a comfortable life, did he suffer like us?

We all have a similar example in our family; my grandfather used to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day, he was in his 90s. Of course, village life, fresh air, organic nutrition, etc. We said we’ll find an excuse, a thousand thousand dollars. However, we do not have clear information about the hygiene problems in those times or in the places where individuals lived. But there is no shortage of truth, the load on our cells is increasing day by day, and the factors that disturb them are increasing.

If our cells live, we exist. We can say the same about us as they are energetic. In other words, we have to take very good care of our cells that make us who we are. The shortest and clearest way to take good care of them is to understand their language and give them what they want.

Let’s give a few examples, especially the dangerous chemicals released as a result of using fossil fuels for energy purposes. Most of these are polycyclic hydrocarbons. These chemical molecules bind to our DNA and disrupt its structure and mechanism. But here is a series of enzymes that protect our cells. With the active work of these enzymes, these harmful molecules are quickly rendered harmless. This is gratifying for us. However, these enzymes may not work as efficiently as desired in every individual. Therefore, it is very important for us to know this system.

Individuals with this system working slowly should be more careful about consuming foods that burn a lot, especially in polluted weather, in winter. We have a CYP1B1 gene, which gives us very important information on this subject. As long as we know what our genetic structure says.

Another example is chemicals and heavy metals used in agriculture. These types of molecules and ions enter our body through nutrition and, like polycyclic hydrocarbons, either degrade the structure of DNA by starting our DNA or inactivate the structure of important enzymes. These types of molecules need to be quickly removed from our cells. The GSTM1 gene provides us with very important information in this regard.

Cell mitochondria activities are very important especially in individuals who exercise regularly. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, using oxygen to provide us with energy. However, the oxygen molecule is not so innocent. During these energy processes, molecules called free radicals are formed. Thanks to their oxidizing effects, these radical molecules disrupt cell membranes and the structures of important molecules, especially DNA. Our cells have enough equipment to fight these molecules, but this equipment does not work equally well for everyone. For example, the NQO1 enzyme is very important for our cells and plays a key role in eliminating harmful molecules. And the gene encoding this enzyme is highly polymorphic, in short, variable. Maybe we’re taking CoQ10 supplements for nothing.

We can now perform the studies we have done on athletes for years on individuals who exercise regularly, and as a result, we can inform individuals about the issues that they should pay attention to. We now know the importance of disruptions in the metabolism of cells on the basis of many diseases. So let’s listen to our cells…




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