Running for 10 Minutes May Improve Brain Performance

Running for 10 Minutes May Improve Brain Performance

Running can be a beneficial activity that improves mental health. Researchers at the University of Tsukuba discovered that just ten minutes of moderate-intensity jogging increased regional blood flow to various parts of the bilateral prefrontal cortex.

This region of the brain plays an important role in regulating mood and executive functions. The findings may contribute to the development of broad treatment recommendations that will benefit mental health. There is clear evidence that physical activity has many benefits, such as improving mood. But in previous studies, the most frequently examined form of exercise was cycling. But jogging has always played an important role in people’s health.

Human evolutionary success is closely linked to the unique form and efficiency of human running, which includes its ability to maintain a pattern of exertion (i.e., jogging at a brisk pace as opposed to sprinting). Despite this fact, the effects of running on brain regions that control mood and executive functions have not been studied to date.

Professor Hieaki Soya, one of the authors of the article, explains: “Given the extent of executive control required to coordinate balance, movement and forward thrust during running, it makes sense that an increase in the number of neurons activated in the prefrontal cortex and other functions in this region benefit from this increase in brain resources. ” Running for 10 Minutes May Improve Brain Performance


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