Reckoning & Algorithm

Reckoning & Algorithm

Tonight, I looked at the hall, there was a clicking noise, I rushed in.

What can I see, my heart is sitting on a sofa, my brain is sitting on a sofa, they are arguing

I got on the edge of the sofa too, I started to listen curiously

My brain was insisting “what are you doing here, slam the door”

My heart is “what are you interfering with my work; go solve your own problems first”

My brain says, “You don’t have the courage, do you? You are afraid of suffering”

My heart came out harshly, he said, “we wouldn’t like it if we were afraid of the relationship”

I’m looking at her and then at her; but they fight

I can’t tell you how to fight; when I can’t even raise my arm

My brain made the point “if you are staying, then you will endure every trouble without making a sound;

Otherwise, I can’t take the pain of your heartache”

My heart is “as if I go, the heart will not get stuck, if I stay, if I stay, if I go, I wish this heart would not beat”

Then the two of them turned to look at me as if seeking a cure.

I immediately turned my face away and pretended to be asleep

Which one do I deal with?

I closed my eyes and curled up on the sofa…

They were right, after all, how to get out of all this mess?

Things that have turned into a mess, have become inextricable

Stuck feelings which way you turn

Not a penny left in your wallet, you’re in the grip of love

Will you choose wealth, wealth or love?

Or ignore it and drift into the flow, either herro or merro…

Destiny draws sharp lines again

Choices are needed in the most important stage of life

You are the leading role; let’s see

It’s hard to get out, it’s hard to stay

If there is a light at the end of the road, you will choose one of the two paths.

In vain, everywhere is dark, everywhere is swirl

The thinker said that when you are caught between your mind and your heart, choose your heart.

If the mind made a mistake, the heart wouldn’t be wrong…

Enter again, isn’t it worth the risks to great loves?

Drown in the ocean rather than swim in a shallow water

Doğan Cüceloğlu says: Are you a person who strives to exist in the here and now, according to someone else’s criteria; Or are you someone who takes action according to the criteria you have created with your own consciousness?

Doğan Cüceloğlo diyor ki: Şimdi ve burada, bir başkasının kriterlerine göre var olmaya çabalayan bir insan mısın; yoksa kendi bilincinle oluşturduğun ölçütlere göre eyleme geçen biri misin?

In this life, people are stuck between their dreams and what they can’t do. It is trapped in orders where conditions and possibilities are not favorable. Most of the time, the blame is placed on fate. Obviously, when tradition and family environments dominate the person’s choices, he does not stay in another choice. It is true; Geography is a destiny, even a person does not have the right to choose his family at birth. Well, have we ever wondered why this situation is different in other campuses? In most developed societies, in the education process starting from childhood, not a programmed individual, but a self-discovered person whose reasoning ability is formed with the cooperation of parents and school is raised. Just as any application we install on your newly purchased phone, tablet and similar technology devices becomes useful in that area, the system becomes unusable and crashes when unnecessary applications occupy space. Consider that all useless information that occupies the human brain affects people negatively in this context. So why; We do not raise children without neighborhood culture, social imposition and family pressure. Don’t self-confident individuals who find their way in search of identity constitute the basic building blocks of nations? Young minds, who have not been exposed to discourses, have not been interfered with, and equipped with correct information, will make healthier decisions in the difficulties of life. He will boldly move towards new horizons while comfortably escaping from dilemmas.

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