Practical Tips for Anger Management

Practical Tips for Anger Management

Yes, the world is angry. The country is boiling.

Evet, Dünya kızgın. Ülke kaynıyor.

With the ‘relative’ awareness of the human species, anger has always been a subject that has been examined.

İnsan türünün ‘nispeten’ bilinçlenmesi ile birlikte oldum olası irdelenen bir konu olmuş öfke.

Its existence is actually a normal and necessary phenomenon for human health. The “fight or flight!” response of a healthy brain to an external negative/dangerous stimulus. result of the reaction. It is also an important source of motivation for standing up against injustice and maintaining self-confidence. So, being able to express it is as vital as getting angry. You see, the problem is not the anger itself, but how we express it.

Damage to the sharp vinegar cube.

Keskin sirke küpüne zarar

I’m not going to talk about states of insanity that turned into violence, or childhood traumas. In this article, I will be limited to the anger that still poses a serious danger and unfortunately rises in almost everyone.

In the end, something unpleasant may happen to those who cannot control their anger in crowds, and physiologically their own brain, heart, liver, stomach and muscles are at serious risk. In smaller, minimum two-person groups, one’s anger will result in the other’s unhappiness and communication breakdowns and even all kinds of endings, it’s clear.

As someone who knows the internal and external harms caused by anger and is naturally worried, I generally remain helpless spectators, except for other points of view and advice such as being grateful for what I can make my voice heard. Perhaps because I am a person who rarely gets angry by nature, angry environments are areas that make me tense and disrupt my vibration. I think this situation disrupts the vibration of our neighborhood, our city, and even the world. Anyway… Just when I was thinking about what else I can do, my Qigong Master Abay Alperen Kaplan’s training

I heard some ancient advice from him. Ez sentence, if you feel like me; If you are willing to at least be useful to those around you who need anger control, to remove the damage their anger can cause to themselves or others, or maybe to heal yourself, you can take a look at these few suggestions that can be applied in the immediate and long term.

Practical Advice from the Far East for Anger Control

Öfke Kontrolü için Uzak Doğu’dan Pratik Öneriler

I’ve been interested in Qigong for a while. Most recently, we dived into the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 5 Elements/Qigong Transformation Mastery training given by my Teacher Abay Alperen Kaplan at @qigongakademi. The element with which anger is paired is Tree, take a note of this, but the details of the elements are a whole different matter, I won’t go into details. I think you should take this training 😊

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger, which is also described as ‘Justice and Progress’, is a valuable power that enables us to recognize and resolve things that go wrong in the body or in life, within the right time, measure and method. It enables us to progress both individually and as a whole.

Whenever the tree element, which represents movement and freedom, is restricted, anger arises in response. This accumulation of anger can also manifest as tension, intolerance, aggression, and a depressive state. And if this anger erupts uncontrollably or is suppressed, to the body; Apart from the head, stomach and muscles, it especially damages the liver. (Taaa…sharp vinegar issue😊)

Chinese masters say that lasting and accumulated anger is more harmful than momentary anger. (Write that down, too.)

Fast and instant solutions

Hızlı ve anlık çözümler

1. Take a deep breath and speak if you think you can express and understand correctly; otherwise relocate.

2. Splash cold water on your face, especially under the eyes, or dip your head in cold water. (In all mammals, we can use energy and breathing more voluntarily when we enter the water, as an advanced reflex, our heart rate drops a lot whenever we splash cold water on our face or dip our head into the water. This allows us to calm down physiologically in extreme or harsh emotions. also important in this respect.)

3. Summer. Write clearly what you want to say to the cause of anger, cursing if necessary. Then tear it, burn it, destroy it.

4. Dispel anger with your body. Run, punch punching bag, lift weights, shout, sing, dance.

5. Tell someone you trust what you want to say about the reason for your anger. (The only one you trust, beware!!)

(I am not Chinese, but humbly I would like to add to these; the 4×4 breathing exercise (take 4 counting, 4 count hold, 4 count give, count 4 hold) and counting by imagining numbers from 1 to 10 😊)

Long and sustainable solutions

Uzun ve sürdürülebilir çözümler

1. Be physically healthy. Especially protect your liver. (According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, since the body/emotion connection works both ways, anger can damage the liver, and a physical discomfort in the liver can come out as anger and tension.)

2. Pay attention to the fact that sour foods such as lemon, plum, vinegar, legumes and protein are intense in your diet.

3. For your liver health, be in the dark and in a deep sleep between 23.00 and 03.00 at night as much as possible.

4. Understand that anger is a type of energy, its cause and function.

5. Meet your anger;

– What kind of anger was in the house where you grew up? Extrovert/introvert?

– What are the physical feelings when you get angry? Sweating, shivering, blushing, warming etc.?

– How do you relate to being angry? Are you afraid, are you hiding, etc.?

6. Prevent unnecessary anger and/or transform it when you are little

Develop awareness and willpower.

(Again, I would like to add to these, imagining changing places with the situation/person you are angry with, and also creating a habit of gratitude, and of course meditation, as it will be beneficial for anger as it works for everything else.)

To you; Inspired by my Qigong teacher, Abay Alperen Kaplan, I tried to offer something useful that you can think about and work on, actually to remind you. Forgive me if I have spoken a syrian language. Don’t be mad at me 😊


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