Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

How to deal with unrequited love? If you’re curious, listen to these suggestions.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who didn’t even know you existed? Or have you felt very deep feelings for a very close friend and had to keep it secret? It is precisely these experiences that define unrequited love. If your feelings for the other person remain superficial and do not deepen too much, there is nothing to worry about. But when you truly love someone, one-sided love can give you a painful experience. How to deal with the feeling of platonic love? Details are in our article.

What is platonic love?

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..
Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

The term “platonic love” is based on a different story beyond what is known. In fact, the term derives its name from the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato. The famous philosopher Plato is considered the first person to express this type of love. In a work written by Plato, it is told how the feeling of love emerged. According to Plato, unrequited love is the desire for the sacred. In short, platonic love is considered to be all of the feelings that inspire the soul and mind, and of course with all the pain it brings. So, how do we know that we are in an unrequited love? Let’s take a look at the list together!

Admit that she doesn’t care about your feelings

First, let’s define the feeling of platonic love. At some point in your life, you’ve probably been attracted to at least one person who didn’t feel the same way as you. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty universal experience. But it’s not the only way to experience unrequited love. You want to form a deeper bond, so you take action to spend more time with him. But as you try to approach it, it keeps its distance. Maybe he calls the meeting you see as a private date “hang out”. If the other party behaves this way and does not care about your feelings, you may be experiencing a feeling of unrequited love. At this point, the first thing you need to do is admit that the other person doesn’t care about your feelings.

Notice it delays responding to your messages and calls

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..
Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

Are you the only ones making an effort to meet him? Then there is something strange here. If you feel like you can’t get a response to your message forever, you probably aren’t mistaken in your feelings. If this communication gap continues and no explanation is given to you from the other party, there may be only one explanation for these behaviors. Yes, your feelings are unfortunately one-sided.

Stop rejecting signs of lack of interest

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..
Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

Sometimes no matter what you do, it is necessary to accept the reality of unrequited love. Yes there is such an experience, it is painful and quite real. But to deal with the pain, going through a phase of denial will not give you good results. Maybe it’s time to notice the subtle signals you’re receiving. For example, do you have a random hug and contact? Does it compliment or reassure you? Pay attention to these. However, some people are quite extroverted and ready to give love. In this case, you may be confused while trying to gauge the other party’s interest. We recommend that you pay attention to this distinction.

The shortest way to define unrequited love is to be honest and transparent with yourself. If you interpret the signals coming from the opposite side correctly and express your feelings clearly, you can control your feelings without experiencing a complicated situation. Do not dismiss the signs of lack of interest and analyze the emotion you are experiencing.

It’s dangerous to adopt the other party’s hobbies to get close.

You are in an unrequited love. On the other hand, you may be thinking of ways to make yourself more attractive to the person you like. Perhaps the other party’s favorite hobby is ice skating. However, you have neither the interest nor the talent for this sport. Let alone ice skating, every sport that requires balance is extremely challenging. Although you hate both the cold and sports, it is dangerous if you sacrifice yourself just to look cute to the other person. Unrequited love sometimes makes you do things you would never do. If you think you are experiencing such a situation, stop compromising yourself now!

Unrequited love brings you pain and feelings of rejection

Unrequited love often involves many emotions. It is difficult to deal with these feelings that sometimes ignite a romantic relationship and sometimes bring it to the bottom. However, if your attempts to establish relationships and bonds have failed, you may also experience feelings of rejection as well. Emotions such as sadness, anger, resentment, embarrassment and anxiety are the emotions that those who experience platonic love must meet.

You fight a real fight to get it out of your mind

Unrequited love is often equated with a feeling of longing that takes over your emotions and makes you lose touch with the real world. Your feelings towards the person often make you think during the day. You often go to a grocery store in the hope of seeing it. You often talk about it and fantasize all the time. Yes, the feeling of unrequited love is hard, you’ll fight hard to get it out of your mind. But at some point it will be time to take control.

How to deal?

When your feelings are unrequited, it will hurt you. Research suggests that rejection activates the same areas of the brain as physical pain. These tips we have listed for you can help you deal with the intense pain you experience until your feelings for the other party subside. How to deal with the feeling of unrequited love? You can find the details below. ⬇️

1. Turn your attention to other things

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All emotions experienced and felt are real, and recognizing and accepting these emotions can help you move forward. But try to strike the balance. Because spending too much time with the person you show unrequited attention can make you even more unhappy. Make time and space throughout the day to interpret these feelings. Turn your attention to other activities and do something you enjoy. Get a new hobby. Pamper yourself and even do not hesitate to meet a partner with whom you will have mutual feelings when everything goes well.

2. Feel free to talk about the feeling you are experiencing

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Talking to other people about how you feel can seem tiring and scary. But objectively, this is the best way to handle your situation. If you’re getting confusing signals from the person you care about with gestures, affectionate gestures, and the like, talking about it will allow you to make progress. Sometimes it is not easy to interpret the behavior of the other party. That’s why you may never know exactly how they’re feeling unless they’ve made it clear to you. You can also talk to a trusted friend about your experience. Talking to someone close to you when dealing with feelings of unrequited love can help you identify and relax these heavy feelings.

3. Feel and accept your emotions

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Unrequited love is often a complete salad of emotions. But not all of these feelings are negative. You can see your loved one on top of the world and get excited every time you spend time with them. However, the fact that the other party’s feelings towards you are limited to friendship can hurt you. Try to accept all these feelings gracefully. Acknowledge your feelings as they arise, without judgment. Just notice them and let them pass through your life. Dealing with unrequited love can be much easier if you recognize your feelings and accept them honestly.

4. Change your frequency

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Yeah, get up and get out of that pessimistic mood. For example, treat yourself to a nice meal. Get help from a trainer to prepare an active sports program. Remember, if you change your frequency, your life will change. Perhaps the way to deal with an unrequited feeling is to rediscover yourself. Listen to yourself and look for ways to change your frequency.

5. Make sense of your experience


In fact, life isn’t really interested in what happens to us, it’s more about how we react to the situation at hand. You loved someone very much and expected the same attention and love in return. Yes, this is very normal and human. But if you didn’t get the result you hoped for, that doesn’t mean your love is worthless. Ask yourself: “Did you learn anything about this experience?”. The feeling of rejection can cause intense pain. However, naming your experience and learning lessons will take you to a very different point.

6. What do you really want? Ask yourself this question honestly

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..
Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

Our emotions are always in communication with us. When you focus on understanding the experience you’re having, your emotions will point the way for you. Listen to the emotions you feel as you experience the feeling of unrequited love. If this experience is pulling you down, maybe it’s not quite what you want. What do you really expect from a relationship? Ask yourself this honestly.

7. Feel free to seek professional help if you need it

Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..
Platonic Lovers Here! Coping With Unrequited Love..

We talked about ways to deal with unrequited love. However, if your experience is beyond your reach, we recommend that you do not hesitate to seek professional help. Therapy and expert advice can be helpful in dealing with intractable experiences. If you can’t cope with the pain you feel about unrequited love, therapy can offer you a safe and non-judgmental space. Remember, you are very valuable and only you can determine this value. Therefore, do not neglect to heal your emotional remains without delay.


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