Person Who Committed the First Biblical Murder in History

Person Who Committed the First Biblical Murder in History

The Story of Cain, Narrated in the Holy Books as the First Murderer in History, and His Own Brother Abel, Who Was Assassinated

The sons of Adam and Eve sowed the seeds of original sin out of jealousy…

Jealousy and strife between brothers and sisters have existed since early humans, and these quarrels have even found their way into the Bible.

"Person Who Committed the First Biblical Murder in History
Person Who Committed the First Biblical Murder in History

Known as the sons of Adam and Eve, these two brothers named Cain and Abel are known as the first murderer and the first victim. Although the subject is handled in different ways in every religion, the main event is always the same; murder, the original sin. Here we are going to tell you the most well-known version of all these stories with basic lines.

The first child, Cain, of course receives a lot of attention, until his younger brother Abel is born. Both brothers make great efforts in this regard by worshiping God. But after a point, things start to get messy.

Their decision to make an offering to God is more than enough to upset the balance that these two, who are already tense between, have maintained until that day.

When Habil, as the docile and good-natured younger brother, manages to draw his mother’s attention to himself, greed and jealousy fill Kabil.

While Kabil is farming, Abel is the brother who takes care of the animals as a shepherd. For Cain, who is jealous of his younger brother, the straw comes from God.

While God did not accept the earth products offered by Cain for no reason, Cain was enraged when he accepted the lamb offered by Abel as an offering.

For Cain, this feeling of lack of interest is of course a test, sin is always waiting at the door and Cain’s anger welcomes him in.

Kabil için bu ilgi yoksunluğu hissi tabii ki bir imtihandır, günah her zaman kapıda bekler ve Kabil'in öfkesi onu içeri buyur eder.

He is too blinded to accept that he is second in the eyes of his mother and God, and that Abel is the favorite child. While he has difficulty in accepting, he cannot get over the shame of not being accepted by God.

With the first decision he made out of hatred, he took his brother to the field he was cultivating, and while Abel was busy with a job, he hits his head with the first stone and watches him die on the spot.

The incredible anger inside Cain, who stood there watching his brother’s lifeless body covered in blood, gave way to a feeling of guilt.

Öylece durup kardeşinin kanla kaplı cansız bedenini izleyen Kabil'in içindeki o inanılmaz öfke, yerini suçluluk hissine bırakmıştır.

Kabul becomes too bad to deal with the feeling of failing the test. He begins to live as the first sinner turned away by God. But one day he goes away in hopes of leaving everything behind.

His decision to settle in the lands of Nod and start all over again led him to a new path and hope. He begins to work for God to forgive him.

Nod topraklarına yerleşip her şeye sil baştan başlama kararı onu yeni bir yola ve umuda sevk etmiştir. Tanrı'nın onu bağışlaması için çalışmaya başlar.

This event takes place so that Cain teaches humanity how to deal with shame and loss, and the price that must be paid for sin. People with similar feelings will not take the same path as Cain by learning from the story of Cain and Abel.

Yes, that’s the famous story of Cain and Abel. As you can see, the feeling called jealousy has ruined the lives of two brothers…



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