Paleontologists: What Was Earth Like Before Humans?

Paleontologists: What Was Earth Like Before Humans?

Get ready to teleport to millions of years ago! What kind of a place the world was before humans, what creatures existed and what life was like, we searched for you…

When it comes to life before humans, most of us think of dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs roamed the earth before we even existed. But they were not the only living creatures on our planet! Our planet has hosted many interesting creatures in its billions of years. If you are wondering what the world was like before people, you are at the right place! We explored what paleontologists think about life before humans. Here are 8 living things that live in the world before humans…

Elephant-like mammals were walking around

Called the Gomphotheriidae, this creature is quite similar to the elephant, but not related to elephants. Fossils of Gomphotheriidae, which are estimated to have lived between 24 million and 10 thousand years ago, appear in Central Asia. Therefore, scientists believe that they live in this region, in grassy areas.

Tullimonstrum was hunted in the oceans

This strange creature, which has two eyes on the sides of its head, is known as the “tully monster”. The tully, which looked rather odd with its jawless mouth, fed on jellyfish and small sea creatures. A creature we would not want to meet!

The centipedes were almost 2.5 meters long.


Can you imagine the stress of living with these giant bugs that weigh the same as a large dog? Fossils preserved for millions of years show that these creatures were almost the size of a car. Giant centipedes lived 300 million years ago in what we now call Europe. According to scientists, the reason why these centipedes were so large was due to the high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Giant lobsters lived in the seas


Giant creatures were not only found on land, but the seas were also home to strange creatures that were meters in size. These giant lobsters, whose fossils were found in the Sahara Desert, reached a length of about 7 meters.

Giant sloths lived in the forests


Although they looked like the sloths we see today, these creatures actually reached up to 7 meters in length. Giant sloths weighing more than a grizzly bear lived in South America 1.8 million years ago. Scientists believe that giant sloths, one of the world’s largest mammals, eat meat. 😪

Hallucigenia worm was navigating deep waters


This small, caterpillar-like creature is known as the Hallucigenia worm. Hallucigenia, whose fossils have been found in Canada and China, has an extremely strange appearance. Because scientists also had a hard time trying to explain its evolution. Still, it is thought to be related to the creatures known today as velvet worms.

The biggest insects ever feasted


Let’s say dragonflies are older than dinosaurs! 😱 These creatures, which were buzzing around the world with joy millions of years ago, once lived in the huge and warm forests of France. According to the latest researches, their wingspan is approximately 71 cm. It is truly magnificent!

Let’s not forget the 5-eyed sea creatures!


We saved the weirdest creature for last! 😊 This creature, which will astonish those who see it with its five eyes sticking out of its head, lived in the seas about 500 million years ago. Opabinia, which hunts in the mud at the bottom of the sea and uses its mouth as a lever, fascinates paleontologists both with its appearance and its behavior.


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